Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Hey guys

Hey, so I just learned how to read all those long 4 Kanji compounds on my scale, and what I learned was that I'm almost 25% muscle. I really am a man in this country. I also learned that I have a healthy amount of body fat, but that is not as awesomely cool as almost 25% muscles. I rock. Not a lot, just a little rockage from across the other pond. I'm hoping to get that up to an absurdly high level and then become a drag queen. Perhaps not, but it's fun to say.

Not much to update with. It got warmer over the weekend, and then it snowed yesterday so it's back to being cold.

Now, I leave you with pictures that may or may not relate to the last week or so of my life. Chances are bad for one of those options..maybe both...or neither. Who know!

ps: pretty large earthquake today. Apparently over a 5 on the Japanese scale near the center of it. It happened when I was in the staff lounge...doing staff things while lounging...

pps: I've got a cold, and it kinda sucks. I was told it's because I don't wear enough clothes.