Monday, August 31, 2009

Dudes. Assuming my calculations are correct, I've lost about 4 inches off my body since 6.11. How crazy is that? I think I did my math wrong, but we'll say I didn't.

Also, typhoon. I'm hoping for a typhoon day tomorrow. Or that that guy I'm "going out with" doesn't message me back because he came to the same conclusion I did - to not continue. I shouldn't, but he makes me feel kinda like a ped. I mean, he's 22, so he's not much younger than me at all, but I still feel like a ped. I mean, say this sentence to yourself and see how you feel: "The person I'm dating is at camp for school."

See. Totally wrong.
He was easy to talk to, but I think we'd make better friends if anything. (I totally want to play his Dragon Quest games)

(And, just so you know, I have the biggest penis in the world. I got told that many times as they were pointing to this one boy. It could be that they just had their English confused, but perhaps they do know my secret. I also got asked by one boy "Can I have sex?" I'm still not sure if he knows what he was saying, and I'm not sure I want to know what he meant to say. When I answered "yes," he asked "why?" I think there was some language problems for this conversation. So...what did you do at work today?)

Sunday, August 30, 2009

A week of rain. Non-stop.
Good thing I have laundry outside and I'm leaving to go the gym soon. I enjoy having no clothes to wear to work. I do. It's a secret of mine. Except for the fact that I do have clothes to wear, so it's okay. I'm just proud I did laundry. Be proud


Walking tour.
Drinking party.

That describes yesterday (since it's now the 30th) in about as little detail as is possible with still having some details. I think it's a good thing. This whole non-detail detail.

Also, pictures. For Krisbones, as he has legally changed his name too.

HUGE GAIJIN CLUSTER PARTY. There was about 80 in a small-ass restaurant. I'm amazed we all fit with our giant gaijin bums. (gaijin = foreigner...impolitely)

Bra strap. Bought at Claire's and worn for the first time last night. Totally DOESN'T match the bra, but that's cool. I hadn't planned on showing anyone me bra.

Friday, August 28, 2009


I won today.
I got the kid who wants to touch my body to say 'hello' to me.
I remember when he used to ask for help in class so I'd stay by his side for most of it.
Then he stopped that.
And didn't say 'hello' anymore.
Then his secret came out (his own doing, mind).
Then he still didn't say 'hello.'
Now he did.
My powers of never ending 'hello's has finally paid off.*
Or I'm going to be groped after graduation.
I'm not sure which.
All I know is that there are no picture for this post either - sorry.
That and that it's fun to have one sentence per line.
It fills up the post quicker.
Makes it seem longer.
And more interesting.

Also, Wolverine without half the special effects is still a good movie.
And not just because Hugh Jackman is hot.
And Wolverine is a hot character.
It's both.
And a plot.
And Gambit.

I lied.
There's a picture.

There's two.

*it should be noted that I say hello to everyone and everything. And it should be noted that he was the one who (with his 2 friends) started to talk to me while I was waiting around nervously at the school festival last year (hey, I'd been there for like a week and didn't know anybody. I was nervous and wanted to leave BAD). He started to talk to me and took me to see the concert in the gym. I enjoyed the concert. I do awe him. Just not a body touch. But understanding of pubescent desires. Which I give fully. And without question. Also, one sentence per line broken for footnotes. Footnotes deserve respect too. The respect that only full paragraphs can give.

Thursday, August 27, 2009


Mini-date with a student and his friend. He said 'Let's go home together,' I said 'okay,' and we walked. His friend came outta no where and joined us. The first guy told me that I walk to fast and then ordered me to match his pace. I did. I yelled at the 2nd guy to match the pace. He did. Started to turn a corner and some girls came up from behind and said 'oh, should we ask her?' So I OBVIOUSLY stopped...and asked about that. The boys left (yeah!) and I got asked what my bra size is. I told about my American bra size ('cause it's different than Japan) and they told me to go buy a bra in Japan so I know my Japanese size. I might. But not now. It's a lot of work to make the women measure me and touch me goods and outfit me in a cute bra. Not to mention the one I'm wearing today is cute enough for me. I like it.

Also, I emailed people today. It was good times. I enjoyed it! Normally I'm AMAZINGLY slow at it (especially since it's been overtime party lately), and I'm still slow at it, but I did it. And that is the important part.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

A new hamper

like thing.

I bought it. Oh yeah. It's purple.

I've noticed some things that I can't do anymore...

I can't eat as much as I used to.
I can't drink as much as I used to.
I can't lift as much as I used to (bench press is pathetically weak now).
I can't wear my old clothes (which isn't a bad thing here, but still, I can't do it).
I can't draw with an anime style as easily as I used to.
I can't play video games for hours and hours on end as easily as I used to.

I'm not sure what I traded all these things in for, but let's hope it was a good deal.
I know what I didn't trade it in for...the ability to sing. Still can't sing.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Eat It

Eat It

Seconds 15-17 are the best.

Sunday, August 9, 2009


Dudes. Look at it. AWESOME. I'd love to roll up to school on a 5 year old's bike wearing this jacket and aviators. I'd be the best teacher to ever live. And the quickest fired too probably...

This is okay. I've seen better, but I like where it's going.

...I so need a rich boyfriend who wants to dress me up in bondage-ish wear. I'd vacuum in thigh-highs. I ain't got a problem with that. Unless it's tatami. No shoes on the tatami. It'll be spiritual thigh-highs then.

What for breakfast?

I'm having a beer with breakfast. that bad? It's a refreshing new style so it can't be that bad...

Saturday, August 8, 2009


I cleaned my room!!!


New music finds for Sherry (that's me...)

I kinda like the creepy sound things. It's good times.

I love the video especially.

This made me laugh the first time I heard it. Still does a little.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

So, as all of you should know, I went on a trip home for 2 weeks. I had packed my tablet in my suitcase 'cause my computer is heavy and makes my carry on murder to carry since it's not that comfortable to carry anyway. Getting home, no problem. All luggages were in perfect condition. Nothing lost, and bags both at most half packed. (I had 2 suitcases; I'll pluralize luggage if I feel like it even though it's not proper) I had a good time at home. Had to buy a whole new wardrobe since darn near all my clothes didn't fit, and bought quite a few pairs of shoes since I have a man sized foot in Japan (26.5 cm, yo!). Also had to buy a crap ton of presents, but that it's so bad. So, had a good time and packed my suitcases too full (overweight charge wasn't as bad as I thought, but it wasn't good either...). Got to Sendai (after quite a bit of flying and turbulence) and saw that one of the pouches on the suitcase was open. I lost my tablet pen. I saw it earlier and thought about putting it in my carryon but forgot...
I lost my tablet pen.
sorry, it deserved being said again because now I either have to find a new pen (which hopefully I can otherwise...) or get a new tablet. Granted, my tablet is going wonky (it's about 5 years old and has moved house about 10 times; it's had a hard life) so I'd like a new one, but the money is the issue.

And, I took the car keys and my storage unit stuff from home. Haha. Gotta mail those back...soon.

Monday, August 3, 2009

What now?

$2.15 for a water bottle. A bottle of water actually. WHAT? Damn airports and their expensive waters. It's not even the best water I've eve had.

About to start the first part of my journey back. FREE INTERNET GET. Obviously, I got free internet so I'm using it.

Till I'm back in my apartment with my dead plant. Adieu.

I have no idea if that is spelled correctly. Never studied French...