Monday, May 31, 2010

Went to the gym today. Went to fighting. Did it. Enjoyed myself. I think I've seriously gained weight over the last week...or two. I need to not do that anymore. I'm so close to my goal. I don't want to lose now. I got my friend to promise to punch me if I don't go to the gym everyday this week...except possibly Friday and Saturday (it's closed on Saturday). I want to get stronger. I do. And for that to happen, I need to gym. Hard. Often.

...all night? No. Not all night. They do close...eventually...

Saturday, May 29, 2010

I bought a rather gay belt. It's much more ... sparkly in real life. Much more. It was also on sale. Good times.

Also, the bag states:

...and I do. I want to be awesome...and stuff...all kinds of stuff...

Baseball in the PM. Should be good. Should be. Unless it rains and gets really it's supposed to...

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

I didn't go to the gym today either. I really have to start going again. I like it. I know I do. Tomorrow is fighting, so hopefully that'll be enough to motivate me to go.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Totally just heard my first bit of thunder here in Sendai.


...although that pretty much puts my plan to walk school tomorrow to rest. It'll probably be raining then...oh well. We'll see what tomorrow brings when it gets here.
I'm losing some of my vigor to do things. Like go to the gym, or draw. I'm becoming lazy, and that ain't cool. Not cool at all.

Monday, May 24, 2010

haha, I spent half of today figuring out a way to not-so-unhealthily starve myself. I came up with a good plan. It'll save me moneys too. Pretty sure that if I did it, it'd only last 3 days at most. I like food way too much for my good.

Had elementary school today. It wasn't as bad as I had feared it would be.

It's been raining for the last 2 days and will supposedly rain for the next 2. Kinda sucks. Especially since I have no good rain shoes.

Going to baseball this Saturday with some teachers. Should be fun!
I disgusted myself yesterday...with myself. Bad times.
Which is creating more stress that I put on myself for no reason. Also bad times.

...I need to get to the gym to work out my stress. I need to look into some actual boxing classes. Not that I have the money for it. I've been buying too many clothes and wine lately. Nothing for a bit, though. That's what happens when you run low on money. I feel bad 'cause I should be able to save more. I would like to buy a pair of shorts to go out in. That's the other thing. Work clothes - not so much bought. Going out clothes - pretty much it. I can't really wear the going out clothes to's not that they are 'sexy,' so much as they are too casual...and not appropriate at all for work. Oh well. I have enough clothes for work. Going out - not so much. Which is why I want a pair of shorts. Maybe I can get some shortly. And no more wine. I don't need it. I just want it.

I actually find myself rather pathetic.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

So, some guy I haven't talked to in months called me today.
It was a little strange.
I honestly don't get men...
At all.
I wish people'd be more honest. It may be painful, but it's better in the end. It really is.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

I had a really vivid lesbian sex dream last night.
It was intense.
And weird.

Went to a park and played with children and a few adults. Good times. Good times, indeed.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Haha, got dizzy walking to the bus stop today. Totally took the day off. Now I can work on the comic and take it easy. Passing out in class isn't a good idea...despite it being a secret goal of mine for a few weeks...

Next week will be extra bad. I have elementary school almost every day. And plans almost everyday as well.

On another note, I need to get into the gym. I haven't been all week...and shalnt go today...and not just 'cause I got dizzy this morning. The gym is closed. It's the 20th.

On another another note, payday is tomorrow. That's a good thing. I got 84¥ on me. Whoo! Buying new clothes has taken me moneys. Gotta send home another box of overly large clothes home. I hope that my cousins can wear them or use them...or that someone can. Gonna bust out my summer clothes soon. Then we'll see how many of those actually fit...and see if my boxing will be more. My mailing? I'm not sure which noun is more appropriate to turn into a verb for this. Since I'm not using appropriate words, either way should be fine. Pick your favorite and go with it.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Saw 'The Others' today. It wasn't as good as I had hoped, but not too bad. It wasn't a horror at all. That is what it's classified as - horror?

Also saw 'The Memory Keeper's Daughter.' It was good. Definitely a good mellow-mood movie. The book, as usual, was better.

Now, I'm going to take a shower, then do my nails. Why? Because I can...and 'cause I need to take a shower. It's gotten cold again, so it'll be a hot shower then slightly frozen appendages...which always stinks (and why the gym is gone to very often in winter...I don't like freezing things off).
Wanna know one thing that I do miss about home?

The bookstores.
Going in and being surrounded by all those words and thoughts and worlds and whatnot.
Also, I just found out that my favorite author has released 2 new books. I'm excited. Although one is part of a trilogy of which I've read I'm excited doubly...TRIPLY!!

...on a side note, I love the bookstores here in Japan as well...but the books are a bit harder to read.
...and slightly gayer (a Chemistry book where every element had a hot anime chick to personalize it...yeah...I saw it. I didn't buy it, but I should have. For science.)
I went to this site here, and put in my digits. Turns out, by their standards, I'm at my ideal weight. In fact, if I lose 1 more kilo, I'd be underweight. I cannot believe that. I simply cannot. This 'rotund' and yet ideal? I think that they lie. I will celebrate this in a manner befitting such an event...weight training and hot classes...and fighting! TO THE GYM!! Tomorrow. No gyming today. None. I laid about all day. It was good. Very good. Except not. I was sick to my stomach...too much cheap wine last night. Too much. Gotta stop the drinking...but it's a coping mechanism. I'M COPING WITH SOMETHING. I DON'T KNOW WHAT, BUT I AM. Although I do need to cut it out. I don't want a wine belly.

Now, it's ideal, but is it healthy? I need to check to see how much body fat I 2 weeks. MONTH END HEALTH CHECK!!

...I may need new hobbies. Not that I've been doing any of my hobbies lately...except for gyming and Zelda-ing. In Japan, listening to music counts as a hobby. Was it always like that? even in non-mecha countries?

If hopes were fishes...

If only the detail was a scorpion like I originally thought it was.... These shoes'd be awesome then. AWESOME.

On an unrelated note, my sock has a giant hole in it. GIANT. 3 holes. GIANT ONES.


Saturday, May 15, 2010

On Tuesday, I went to elementary school.
This is a conversation that took place...

S (Student - male): Sherry, I heard you have a boyfriend.
M (Me...Sherry): No, I have no boyfriend.
S: But I heard you did...
M: No. I don't.
S: ...but, you do.
M: No. No, I don't.
S: Well, if you 'dieted,' you'd get one.
M: Right now I'm taking fighting. Wanna go?
S:'s scary. But, if you 'dieted,' you'd get a boyfriend.
M: ...ok.
S: Bye!
M: See ya later, kid.

hoho, kids are so cute...and I got told by a 12 year old to lose weight. That's just pathetic.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Jump kick.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

I've gotten so used to being more than one person that I don't know who I really am anymore. Is that bad? I like to think of it as a coping mechanism and a way to survive in a world where I am expected to be more than one thing.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Had a box of beans for breakfast again. Good times. Good times.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

The gym was amazing today! It is actually great to be back! I think the secret is classes. Just going to work out isn't so much fun if there's no friends around. Well, that and not being on the first days of a period also help. Those are the worst. But, now that is almost over and I'm enjoying the gym. It made me feel pretty good about myself and I sweated like a pig...well, like a pig would probably sweat if pigs did indeed sweat.

Also, I got invited to go to a baseball game with some coworkers! That should be AWESOME! Whoo!!! I'm so excited!! Got asked by the hot lunch man. Score.

Think I'm going to walk to school tomorrow. That should be fun. I have elementary school, so I'm allowed to be later than normal. Quite a bit later. Whoo!! Gonna walk to school and probably not be awesome there!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Today is photo-heavy

So, needless to say, this post goes out to Krisbones. I expect full attention when he returns to the land of the internet.

Today, I went for a walk. Why? Because the weather is beautiful...and the gym is closed...mostly that second. Also, I wanted to check out the northside of my southside area. Got it? Good.

That's the closest train line...the north side of it and some apartments. The closest train station is about a 30 minute walk away from my apartment. That's a pretty leisurely walk, mind.

The circus is in town! For real. The bendy-people circus.

More north side.

Even more north side.

Organic foods store. At least I think. I didn't go. It was on the opposite side of the road...

A Rastafarian-like store. I got a bracelet and ring there (photos later).

In case you were wondering. Tokyo is pretty far...

Safety first, kids. Safety for you.

The wall says SEX and something else that I couldn't make out.

3 "dresses" I bought. Only one is long enough/non-see-thru enough to be a dress. That white one is really weird...

The bag of goods from the Rastafarian-like store.

The ring and bracelet. Don't mind the burn on my hand from cooking. I admit that I cooked a little too intoxicated...and got burned twice doing it. Live and learn.

On a final note, I met a Japanese man who speaks with a Jamaican accent. Good times. Good times.

Monday, May 3, 2010

My period started today.
I really need to stop going to that sekku-hara club. But a promise is a promise...and free entry is free entry.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Also, if you're in what is basically the basement of the volcano, how come the milk doesn't spoil? I mean, it should right? Granted, you don't burn up either, but I'd think the milk'd be a bit more sensitive to lava pits...
...I'm glad that my first post in May has to do with an old video game and a chicken kidnapping. Life is good.
Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time.
At the beginning part (when you're a kid), Marron gives you an egg which turns into a chicken overnight, right? Then you sneak in and find the princess. She gives you a letter. But you lose the chicken. What happens to the chicken? Does she take it and start a chicken farm? Is it released into the wild? If Link (or as I've named him this time around: Ramen) were a true hero, wouldn't he give the chicken back to Marron? I mean, that egg was important to her...and what does Ramen do the first chance he gets? Give up the chicken for a woman with money. I don't know about you, but I think Ramen should feel at least a little bad about it. Granted, saving the world of a reign of terror from a slightly green guy with a huge honker may be more important to most, but what happens to that chicken? That's what I want to know. I can see the letter being kept by that guard guy (it's for him after all), and the masks obviously go to the people who buy them, but the chicken. That's where the mystery is.