Tuesday, September 29, 2009

About half a pants size smaller. Awesome. Except for the fact that it means I need to buy new clothes. Again.
I think if it's weren't for the fact that I go to the gym, the fact that I spend most of my week sleep deprived would probably have detrimental effects on me. Of course, because I go to the gym I'm can't sleep well at night, but if I didn't go I'd never do anything.

Catch-22, eh. I'll stick with the gym-going option, me thinks.

Sunday, September 27, 2009


I met up with him at the bus stop, then we walked around for a little while and got a coffee. From there we went to get him a replacement contact lens. Then to lunch. It somehow turned into a date. After that, he walked me to the subway. I meant to walk him to his house and it turned out that he walked me 'home.' Ha.

Needless to say, no gym today. It's only 1611, but no gym. I kinda don't want to go back out and I NEED to study (notice the capitals, that means it's important). I WILL pass level 2. I will. I've decided. Now let's see if my follow through is any good.


Yesterday was a good day. I ate WAY too much and drank too much too, but that is for later in the post.

I went to the gym at around noon. One of the trainers corrected my arm position on the chest press which made it so much easier to do. He seems like a really nice guy. I kinda wish I was more extroverted so I could talk to him. ...and to almost all the other trainers. It's probably their job to look happy and helpful, but they all seem to be just nice people. Oh, Japan and your smile requirements for work. I don't have that requirement, but if I don't smile and laugh some of the teachers start to ask if I'm okay...so I do. But I don't.

After that, I hung out with my friend for a little while. We went to a maid cafe. It was pretty good. Not as expensive as I thought it'd be. All the low bowing was a little strange at first, but I eventually got over it. Somehow it came up, but my friend said that I could be a hostess. It was awesome. So now if I lose the job I have, I'll see if there's any places looking for foreign chicks to be hostess. Except for that sex part it wouldn't be that bad of a job. Yeah. Talk to guys all night. Maybe touch their thighs. I could totally do that.

So, at night was a birthday party nomikai (drinking party). It was nice. We went to this place in the PARCO building (which means nothing to anyone but me <3 ). 2 of the people were about an hour late. 2 of the birthday people, none-the-less. We had delicious food and beer (on my end). We all split up only to be called back together for a second party (one of our members was lost though). It was good. But, as I said, I ate too much and drank too much. I didn't actually get drunk, but I did eat and drink too much. I really need to go the the gym. ...and work off at least one of those beers, but I'm meeting the guy I'm seeing at the bus stop. He went home for his father's 60th birthday.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Today was back to normal schedule (meaning that I had classes).
Got asked if it were okay for a couple of the boys to grab my boobs today.
It really has gone back to normal.
Also got asked if I know how to have sex. But, I had to fix the boys verb first. It's not play sex, it's have. I don't know how many times I've had to tell that to these kids. You'd think they'd remember since they also are talking about it.

...I said no, by the way. For all those weirdos out there who think I would have said yes. I didn't. I said that they couldn't.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Most of my classes we canceled today. I went to a different teacher and she let me join in her classes. 2 of them. It was nice.
I also got a good couple of hours of study in. Grammar and Kanji - you goin' down!! Haha, only grammar review today. I didn't do anything new!! I just realized this. Tomorrow, I must start on new stuff. ...wait. I DID do new stuff! Whoo - I'm not behind...yet. Still gotta review and do all that stuff. I'm getting some of it. It's been so long since I've studied...haha, I'm lazy.

Gym was good today. I will get healthy...even if it kills me.


Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Went to Matsushima today.
It rained.
Went to the Date Masume museum.
Got in half price for being foreign.
Go foreigners!
Nothing else.
Continue as scheduled.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

I signed up for the JLPT level 2 the other day. Since then (...well...about) I've been studying. Especially grammar and kanji (mostly grammar I must admit...). I bought a book that has exercises that you do for 9 weeks to go through all the grammar you'll need for level 2 (which means if I do it everyday like it says I'll just barely finish it in time for the test). But, today was the first day that I got all the questions right for the day's grammar! Yeah me! Either that means that I understood it well today, that I'm getting used to the questions, or I guessed well today. I'm not sure which I'm going with. I'll leave that up to you all.
Also, pictures.

Sendai's Mascot. And Onigiri headed Date.

Yoshi toy gotten with a coffee that I bought.

Best inside jacket writing ever.

Simple. I like it. Bicycle.
How would you guys feel about going to a selective audience only for this blog? You'd need to log into read it, but that probably won't be an issue since I think you need to be logged in to comment.

So, how'd you feel about being a select audience?

Monday, September 21, 2009

It's like the Twilight Zone, but with my phone...

You ever have those weird dejà vu moments and you can't remember where from? I kinda had one before I started to write this message. It was weird.

AND, does anyone know where I can download some Biology and Agriculture books? I need to study to be able to keep up with this guy. It's been far too long since I've discussed haploids.

*edit* dudes. It happened again. I can't remember when, but 2 times in one day. Something's up. Let's hope it's nothing bad.


He came over at around 5, and we went to dinner. That sushi was darn good. I really liked it. Then we went to see the movie. His bike is so much fun. I really like it. (Don't worry, he's a safe driver) Wolverine was better with all the special effects in it. I must admit that. Although a lot of the effects were so fake looking. I mean, really guys? Let's work on this. Then we went to the baths. That was nice. So very relaxing.
After that we moved to leave and got to his bike. Turned out that he didn't have his keys, so we went back to the baths since that was the most likely place to have left it. It wasn't there. Then we went to the cinema, and, luckily, they were there. He then dropped me off.
I don't think he hates me, which is a good thing. Let's hope I don't fuck this up too bad.

Friday, September 18, 2009

I loved this dialogue from last night:
2: "Sherry, you've been looking really sharp lately."
1: "Yeah, it makes you look more..."
2: "Attractive?"
1: "No."

haha, it was awesome. I love my friends. He's a friend, so I don't take it personally, or even insultingly (which I wouldn't even if he weren't a friend).

Also, talked with a girl from the Fighting class. Apparently I look like a different person. She asked if I had a boyfriend and I said that I was dating someone and she said "That explains it." I'm not sure what it explains, but it does.

A lot of people have said that I've lost weight...slim downed...shape up! Which is fine...except when the students do it. That is kinda strange.

On a kinda related note:
I want this as a ringtone on my phone. But it's not available in Japan...and that makes me sad.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009


pictures coming soonish. I thought I'd update then have a picture day.

*notice: this is only for the bunkasai. I have no pictures of the Jazz Fest or the fellow in question. None. So don't ask. Well, you can ask, but it'd be pointless 'cause I can't give what I don't have. I could draw them, but they'd be a silly parody of the reality (mostly 'cause that's how I do what I do when I do what I do)

How it came to be that I rode on a bike.

It almost sounds like an epic story, doesn't it? It's not. Smash those hopes now. This is reality...a distorted reality, but a reality none-the-less.
Well, it was a pretty tepid Saturday. It had rained on and off all day. In town, there was a Jazz Fest going on. I had decided to go, then, on the subway, changed my mind and went to the bookstore instead. I didn't buy anything and came back home. I cleaned a little, and prepared to go to the Jazz Fest later that night. Then decided not to go and watched a movie. Just as the movie ended, I got a call asking where I was. I said at home, and he said that I should come out and that they'd all wait for me. So, needless to say, I got my stuff together and went to the festival. It was decided to go out dancing. But, it was still early (like 9.30ish). So, instead, we went to a bar. THEN went to go dancing. I saw a sign for an release party for Teriyaki Boyz (whom I LOVE!!) so I suggested we go to that club instead of the club that had been decided on. For approximately 20 minutes we drifted between the two clubs (since they are really really close) and finally it was decided on to go to the original club since the 'party was just about to begin there.' We went, we paid our ¥2,000. We danced. This guy started to dance with me. We danced for a little while then I went to the bathroom. After a little, I started to dance again and my friend came up to me to tell me he was leaving (we shared a locker). So I went to the locker with him so he could get his stuff out since I was still staying and the guy I had danced with started to talk to me. You know, normal things: what's your name, what do you do, how old are you, do you have a boy/girlfriend. And he asked me out. I said yes. It was decided to go for a ride on his autobike (motorcycle) and see the Jazz Fest. Then we went home.
The next day we did just that. I got to ride on his bike (which was AWESOME!!!!) and we went to the Jazz Fest. BUT FIRST, we went for a drive, got lost, got gas, ate agedofu (fried tofu). Then we went to the festival for a while. Then he drove us to the MALL and walked me home.
I like this guy. He's so totally willing to take it slow (at least so far). The furthest he's attempted is a kiss. I appreciate that. The other Japanese guys seemed to be just about sex, but he seems to not be. He's younger than I am by a year, but he doesn't make me feel like a ped. He's not like that. I appreciate that too.
The second date was set up to be this Sunday. Hopefully he won't grow tired of my by then... We're going to see Wolverine: Origins. Should be fun to see the whole movie with all the special effects in it and Japanese subtitles.

Ha! One of the teachers saw me on my date. Luckily she's my supervisor so hopefully she won't tell anyone. I haven't really told anyone. Just by best friend (one of) since I freaked out for a minute there and sent her an email. She talked sense to me, and now I just have to figure out what to wear. We're going by his bike so I need to choose carefully. I think if I wore my brown boots with the 3 inch (about) heels I'd be taller than him, and I'm not sure how he'd take that. I think he'd be fine, but you can never tell.

Seriously. Going out with this guy goes against all the walls I've built around myself for so long. It's emotionally trying. Good thing this didn't happen a year ago. I would have said 'No' flat out and walked away. Then again, I've changed in many more ways than most would believe in this past year. Many more ways.

The Bunkasai (2009.09.05)

Or 'School Festival' for those who aren't familiar with that term. It was good. The theme this year was 'Limit Over,' and I got free food. Last time I didn't eat, this time I got enough food for lunch AND dinner.
(mind, this was on the 5th of September)
I got to see some of the shows, and the bands. To be honest, last year the bands were a little more awesome, but that's probably 'cause the people in the bands were more awesome (maybe 'cause I didn't know them, maybe because last year's 3rd years were, in fact, awesome). I got to walk home after this. It was good. It takes about an hour depending on the lights, so Fattie (that's me) got some good exercise. Nothing really embarrassing or interesting happened. I did play rock-paper-scissors for UNICEF donations. This second year asked for a donation, I told him that I had already donated and he called me a liar. So, being the sporting person I am, I said that we'd play rock-paper-scissors and if I won 2/3, I wouldn't donate more, but, if he won 2/3, I'd give ¥1,000 to UNICEF. We readied out fists and the fight began. He won. Twice. I gave, in total, about ¥1,700 to UNICEF, which, to be truthful, isn't terribly much, but from one person is quite a bit (I'm not rich, yo).

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Oh god. Sunday. Date. I'm nervous NOW. Probably 'cause most of the details were just decided on...but still. WTF? I need to chill out like mad crazy. I do get to ride on a bike again. That's good with me :D

Why am I so retarded? I mean, really? Why? I know why...I have trust issues and no experience with many forms of interpersonal relationships, but that is neither here nor there. What is both of those is that the second date is on Sunday, and I'm nervous.

(haha, don't you love only having half the story??)
There was a culture festival at my school, and a jazz fest, and an autobike experience. All of those updates will be coming ASAP (which means next to nothing - forgive me).
I will update with this one thing...

The more I learn about 'what it means to be a Scorpio,' the more I fear for any man who attempts to be my steady boyfriend - he's gonna get sexed to death. Geez. Scorpio's in the 8th house, which is the House of Sex (so, go out and count the houses on your street - that 8th one is kinky. If you are in the 8th house, kink it up babay!)
Also, like Spiderman, with great power comes great responsibility.
Actually, I remember reading about that sex thing when I was younger and laughing my head off. The thought of me + sex was so hilarious at that time. Now...much more plausible.

Anyway, a shout-out to all my Scorpio's in the house. And one to all the other signs. Peace.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

haha, updates are coming.


If you believe.
And clap 3 times while gurgling water.

Friday, September 4, 2009

I think I'm going to get to walk to the bus stop in a thunderstorm. YEAH!! If I die, Candi, you get my comics (even the English ones!!), and Krisbones, you get the kid who wants to touch my body (he's a sweetie, really...). Everyone else, it's a free for all.

On another note, we (as in about 4 3rdyrs and I) compared bust sizes yesterday. It was...interesting. They're growing, you know. The 3rdyrs, not mine so much. I think mine might have gotten a touch smaller. Need to bench press more to make them smaller (why? Why not!).

On another another note, I got drewed on.



Can we tell the differences without looking at the labels? I think so. The girls were amazed I kept the poop on. Art is Art, my friend. Poop deserves love too. Just a distant kind of love...

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

It's obnoxiously sunny right now. Obnoxiously so.

Oh well. At least one of my hopes seems to be coming true.