Monday, March 30, 2009


The Farewell Party went well. The nijikai was okay. I think some of the teachers are trying to set me up with another one of the teachers. Weird. The third party was karaoke. I don’t really remember the last bit of it, but I did eventually figure out that I paid for it…since I checked my finances and I was about ¥15,000 short. Luckily, I did pay for it. I had thought that I hadn’t, and then not paid for the taxi. That would have been bad, but paying for it makes it okay. It would have been terrible if I hadn’t have paid or helped pay for some of it…I know I’ve done that before and it sucks. I figure paying for it is the least I can do for making them have to listen to my terrible singing. I did it gaijin style. Poor Japanese people - gaijin style was probably new for them. They probably had no idea what was going on at all. But we were all drunk, so it’s okay. Really, really drunk.

That was Friday, Saturday I went to buy tickets for a bus to Tokyo with a friend. I misunderstood one thing and the ticket guy got rather…cranky(?) with us. It was probably one of the worst experiences I’ve had with service here. From there, the friend and I went to Starbucks, had some coffee, and then left for cheap food. We suddenly met up with another friend at a soup restaurant, talked there for a while, and then headed for the cheap food in question. It was pretty good – not the best, but that’s okay. After our feast, two of us went to Yodobashi to look at computers…and other things. We eventually ended up in the games/toy section (because it’s the only natural course of action, really), and we tried to find him a sexy game. The sexy games were found, but none that met certain requirements. I’ll leave those up to your imagination. Spent probably about ¥1,000 on stupid keychains which I love. It was completely worth it…and I kinda want more. From there, we went to buy foodstuffs for a gathering that a friend was having. We arrived late…and that kinda sucked; she was pissed off. Luckily she didn’t take it personally, and we had a good time with great food.

Sunday…my stomach hurt all day - partly nerves about not remembering the last bit of karaoke, and partly ‘cause it did. I skipped out on pantomime practice. I just couldn’t do it. I cleaned my apartment a little bit, did laundry, watched 9 episodes of a strange Japanese Drama that I’m not sure if I like or not. It wasn’t the best day, but it’ll do. Some woman came to my door and made me fill out a survey. She honestly wouldn’t take my ‘I don’t know what you mean’ as it was meant and just kept asking the questions. Did she explain? Nope, she just kinda picked an answer for me. Luckily I got out of having them come to my door again. I honestly couldn’t be buggered to use the energy it would take to figure out her questions and answer them. She gave me a crappy mechanical pencil in return for my time and energy. I’m just glad I put on pants before I opened the door. But maybe I shouldn’t have…
I felt rather disgusting for most of the day. Lately, I’ve been treating my body rather badly. Granted, I had been going to boxercise, but I had been eating pretty badly so it made my body unhappy. I kind of want to skip out on boxercise tonight, but I know I shouldn’t. I’ll enjoy it, and I know that. I guess it’ll all depend on whether my clothes are dry or not. Lately, the people at the gym (as in the staff) have been talking to me. It’s a little weird for a foreigner, but I think they talk to the other people, so it’s probably okay…just…new.

Oh man. My belt it going into my back in a rather uncomfortable fashion. It’s not really that cool with me, but it’s okay. There’s not much to do about it. I can’t get rid of the belt, and I probably should stay at my desk.

Ahh, I can’t work up the energy to go to boxercise tonight. I know I’ll like it, but getting there might be a problem. Oh well. On a good note, I all but got told to come into work at about 9 tomorrow. Whoo-hoo - an extra hour of sleep that isn’t at work. Unfortunately the rest of the days there are meetings so I must come in on time. I think I’m going to grab some takoyaki and/or okonomiyaki from the store tonight and then get some comics and spend the night inside…although I should go to the gym. Perhaps I will. Who knows. It really isn’t too terribly important…I’ve just got about 42 minutes left at work and I ran out of things to do before I got here this morning.

I did go to boxercise. Again, it was amazing. Had some takoyaki; wasn't that good. Got told not to show up for work until about 9 tomorrow, so I shall. I gets to sleep 'til 8 - whoo hooooo!


12 people are leaving the school. It was really sad to watch them all say a little speech. The last two women almost cried. That made me almost cry, but not really - a little teary perhaps, but not crying level.
Otherwise, I’m just really tired. Doing nothing all day wears me out. Not to mention going to bed at about 1 in the morning and waking up at 6.30. I’m sure I’ll wake up as the day goes on, but, for right now (about 8), I’m tired. Sleepy tired, not ‘I’ve done too much on too little’ tired…that comes later tonight.
Speaking of tonight, it’s an enkai (drinking party). They are fun, but I’m not sure I want to go. But, I said I’d go, so I will. It’s just a matter of if I’ll stay out all night like there were plans to do, or if I’ll shell out the cash for a taxi come 1AM. That could happen. It could. But, it’s Ladies Night, so it may be club going for me tonight. It’s been so long since I’ve been to a club, it should be fun…unless it sucks. In which case it’ll suck. But, again, I won’t know that until it happens.

Got some boots the other day – I LOVE them. I’ll be wearing them come tonight. Or, I plan on it at least. I might not if it doesn’t look right. Formal wear to a drunken party…what up with that? Not that it matters. I’ll do what I must to have crazy drunken adventures with the people I work with…although it’s almost never an adventure…just drunken.

We had a good-bye ceremony for the teachers leaving today. It was nice. All the students came to it. Some students from years past came as well. I did rather enjoy watching them all. These teachers really are more like parents/friends to the students than they are in the states. It could be a good thing or a bad thing; I’m leaning towards good thing. It was also fun to talk with the students again. It’s really amazing how a bad day can turn good just by talking with someone(s). Who woudda thunk it?


I went to the gym today. It was good. Boxercise was amazing. I know why I always feel like I don’t want to go, but I do always like it…even if I am sore the next day. Or, maybe, perhaps because I am sore the next day? It’s a puzzle.
It was a bad day for interpersonal communication. I really think my Japanese is getting worse and worse. It sucks. It also sucks that my Japanese will never be as good as my English. Which is pathetic since my English sucks. Sucks real bad. Case in point.
I was thinking of going back home for a little in July. It seemed like a good idea. Hang out with my family, get clothes and shoes that fit, things like that. But, I don’t think I can deal with the airports. I remember the heavy feelings I got last time I was at the airport waiting for the flight out. It really was bad. It made my heart hurt. Not like a heart attack, but like a heavy squeezing feeling on it. I’m not 100% sure why or anything like that, but it has happened almost all the times. I think the only time it didn’t happen was when I first came to Japan all those years ago. At least I don’t think it happened. It could have happened but I was too worried about the flight. So, needless to say, I’m not sure if I will go home or not come July/June. It’d be nice, but I’m not sure yet. Well, I’m guessing it would be nice. Obviously I won’t know until it’s happening if it’s nice or not.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Sometimes I am reminded of the humor that life can sometimes present. One of the female teachers has a sweatshirt on that says “Beach Line. The 70’s style reminds me of my boyhood on the beach”. It’s a good sweatshirt; good one indeed. It sums up my feelings of the 70’s rather well; rather well indeed.
My back is horrendously sore today. But that’s okay; boxercise is tomorrow, and that should work out the kinks. Or kill me. Either, or. Perhaps both if it’s a hard enough lesson. Probably not that last one though.
I went with my keeper to the bank today. It was an enjoyable thing. She ‘helped’ me study kanji. I said, “Why am I so dumb?” She replied with, “It’s because you are American, and not Japanese.” It wasn’t meant like that, but I thought it was pretty darn good. She was talking about the kanji, but taken out of context that is an awesome statement.


Today we learnt who was going and who was staying at my school. There are a few teachers who I will miss seeing about, but overall we didn’t lose many…maybe 8 or so. Granted, that is almost a seventh of the staff, but it’s not too bad. We lost one English teacher, and got two in return. It does sadden me, but I know next year it’ll be a lot worse.
I’m rather sore today, especially my back. Go figure.

The ending ceremony was today. I was torn between wanting it to end, and wanting it to last longer. But, this semester is over, and a new one will begin…in about two weeks. So, from tomorrow is about 2 weeks of not much to do, but that is okay. Maybe I can speak with teachers about plans for next year once they know what grade they will be teaching.

Monday, March 23, 2009

2009.03.23 edit

I did indeed go to the gym. It was a-mazing.

...I'm sore already... Tomorrow is gonna kill me. Oh well. It's a fun death.

I somehow managed to pull a neck muscle last night. I don't know what I did, but I did it well. It killed me when we were doing the 'up in the air leg' crunches. I wonder what I did...? It's only on the right side.

AND, my sport bra's too big. As is the shirt. I guess these should be good things, but they make all the jumping a pain.

If you get bruises easily, does it mean you need more vitamin C or potassium? ...or vitamin P, perhaps?

And, I've decided to go on a diet and budget myself more closely than I have been. Yeah for more work for myself!! Yeah!!


Today was the last day of classes for this year. It kinda rocked, although it will be sad to see all the classes broken up and split into new ones. I had just gotten the hang of some of them...we had bonded as a class, and had jokes, and what not. Now, it'll all be had to made again from scratch. AND, that means that I go back to having nothing to do all day long except study, and (if I have my computer) do computery things. Went to three classes today. They were fun. I think I had more fun than learning/teaching, but it's okay 'cause I got stabbed.

...with a pencil in my hand. It was my fault 'cause I tried to grab a student (as in save) before they fell out of their seat, but instead, I just got stabbed in the hand. Which is cool and all...just a little...stabby. I also got tickle-attacked. I love the students, I do. Even though they may be out to get me one day...

Also talked to some of the boys (first) about who they like 'cause it somehow got to that subject (I was stabbed during this altercation...because it might as well be one with how they were acting). Needless to say, they asked "Do you have a boyfriend?" which was answered by "No." Which, amazingly enough lead to "Even though your so beautiful," to which I laughed my posterior off at for a good minute. I don't think they understood that it was the statement that made me laugh, and not the boy...'cause the one sitting behind him said 'don't mind.' Poor boy. Oh well, I know who he likes now. I wield the power. ...okay, I wield nothing other than a little bit of lead in my palm. It was a good talk. About three fights almost broke out when they were telling me about it, since, obviously, no one wants others to know about that sort of thing unless they are dating, or they don't care. Either way, it was an awesome class.

Now, I am going to go to boxercise tonight. I am. If I don't, I want all of you to send me nasty emails calling me names like 'Fattie,' 'Jumbo-chan,' 'Rolls McGie,' and whatever else you fancy. Heck, you can do it anyway if you'd like. I'm not particular.

Saturday, March 21, 2009


Yesterday (for it was yesterday) was a party for my friends birth. It was a plentiful amount of fun. There was a cheap nomi, and a boosting of men onto shoulders (namely one man) before ramen, and a boosting of a female after. Got plenty of people taking pictures of the procession of foreigners going down the road stacked like two things can be stacked. It was rather enjoyable.

Oh, and that guy who I thought I was never going to be messaged by again messaged me again. It was weird. And he did it again today. What up with that?

Friday, March 20, 2009

It's not really strange but...

I think my toe nail might fall off.
Which leads me to assume that it's badly bruised, which is why it's been various shades of purple, blue, and yellowish-green since January 1st.
Maybe my other one will fall off too...?

I've noticed...

Now, I spent almost all my time on the floor when I'm at my apartment. Having no elevated seats/structures other than bookshelves, a desk, and a couple of kotatsu tables surely helps with this floor sitting lifestyle. With this apparently comes the increased 'rolling-dodge' moves. I've noticed that when I need to move from one place to another that is relatively close (like from my 'gaming corner' to my computer to check the weather) I use rolling dodges and other such rolling moves to get there. Do I crawl? No. Walk? Surely not. Roll on the floor like a four-year-old? YES! Except I do it with more style and flare. ...and less giggling actually. That's a little sad. I guess I'm ninja-dodge-rolling.


I just finished that story in that book. On to the next one. Number four has promise. It's called 'Anzu'...I think. I actually don't remember, but that sounds about right. Now, I'm off to bed because it's past my bed self-imposed bed time of 'When-I'm-Sleepy' o'clock...which was about 30 minutes ago but I wanted to finish that story. And I did. Go me.

Thursday, March 19, 2009



Today was payday, which means it's party time for all the foreigners who've had to sit at home with a candle lit eating instant ramen 'cause they broke. I did not partake in these activities. Instead, I aired out my apartment ('cause it was about 22C today (it's supposed to be 6 tomorrow!!)), then went to Starbucks and drew and read some of that Japanese book. I'm almost done with that 'Cherry Blossom Voice' story. It's the longest one, and I've had a very nice love hate relationship with it. Then I took a little tour of the area on the other end of my apartment. Not a long one 'cause it was about 9 PM, and I'm dumb and get lost easily. I found a shaddy Chinese food restaurant, and a take-away Italian place. Possibilities for future eatings.

I think I might be in the middle of a mid-life crisis. A quarter-life crisis? An eight-fifteenths-life crisis? Whatever. I think when I don't have immediate goals/things that I must fulfill that I become easily lost and listless. I have to work on that. It's not that I don't have goals, but perhaps there is no way to check the progress on them. Who knows. I surely don't.

Got a call from one of the women I taught in Kyoto I was cooking dinner no less. It was a nice chat. She gave me dating advice, and made me want to visit her and her family down in the south. I really do miss them a lot. On the same island, and yet still so far. Oh well, eventually we shall meet. Whether it's in Yokohama, or in Kyoto isn't decided yet, but somehow it'll all work out.

Tomorrow is a holiday...Vernal Equinox or something like that. Whoo-hoo.

On that note, I leave you with this:

Friday, March 13, 2009

I wish I were bird

It's a lyric. I didn't make it up.

But, anyway, do you ever look at someone and start to think something about them that might not be the nicest thing, just to clamp down on that train of thought just in case that person can read your mind and get offended? I do. I did it today as I walked down the street after disembarking from my bus.

I disembark because I can. Some people merely get off, I choose to have a bit more style for my exit.

In other news, I'm going to go to Office Vendor tomorrow, and I'm going to have fun doing it. Whether or not it's actually fun is neither here nor there, since fun will be had one way or another.

I kinda forgot what 5.30 in the moring smells like...

I got up early again today. Let's hope I'm not late like last time I was.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Well, 7 you say?

I just finished book 7 of this year.

...they are ALL from the same author. I wonder what I read before I was introduced to her? I know one of you knows who 'she' is. Hi mommy!


I've been going to a lot more 1 nensei classes lately...not having any 3 nensei classes means I have a slightly (...) more open schedule. I've been to I think 2 of them for the past 3 days straight. It's a lot easier to memorize their names when you actually go to class...not surprisingly. Luckily, work is still nice. I just have a lot more free time, which I have been filling with reading of a book, as you might remember. It's this one actually Hopefully that link will work. If not...oh well. Up to page 77...78? The readings going slowly, but at least I haven't given up. I kinda wish I could draw, but I think they wouldn't take too kindly to that. I read 'cause it's the best study I can think of to do, and I think some of them think that it's for pleasure...which it's not. Well, it's more pleasurable then kanji practice for three hours straight, but I think punching myself in the face is more pleasurable than that. Studying kanji is not my thing...obviously otherwise my kanji wouldn't suck. But that is neither here nor there.

So, I got 17 days of holiday...where should I go? I probably should go home, but that is a killer flight. Maybe over summer. I think I might be able to work out two weeks of a visit then. And I've only used between 3 and 6 hours of holiday so far (which in six+ months isn't too bad, if I do say so myself), so I've got most of that time left. Maybe I should round it down to 16 days...since I'd hate to go into work for 1 or 2 hours and then leave. Heck with the bus, that's almost a half day right there. ...not really, I just get to the bus stop too early. My own fault, but I'd rather not miss the bus.

On another note, I had thought I had gained about 10 kilos on my three week sickness/laziness-session, but I think I only gained one or two. Whoo-hoo! Now when I go into the gym, it won't be too terrible. Granted, it's not great since it's been three weeks, but at least I won't have as much weight to lose...again.

Monday, March 9, 2009


Today there was no school 'cause we worked on Saturday. The next two weeks are four day weeks for us. It'll be pretty good...I guess.

I did not much today. I guess that's to make up for the last two days of running around and doing...things. I did get to draw today. That was rather nice. I particularly liked the part where I DIDN'T have to worry about my nose running all over the picture. That is indeed a nice feeling. Now to just get back into the swing of life...which includes going to the gym again. Now, off to bedish.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Another update to make up for the lack of them lately...

I cut my hair. It's a little shaggier than I originally intended, but that isn't too bad, I guess. I think I'm getting batter at cutting my hair.

...or perhaps my expectations have just lowered.

You know, when there's laundry hanging up, my room doesn't look nearly as bare as it does without. I need to remedy this situation. Who's up for a little art exchange?

Really now?

I saw an Uncanny X-Men comic in the bookstore today. I picked it up for kicks. It was about ¥1,800. Which is about $18.00. And I thought my comic habit was expensive in America.


Yesterday was graduation for the san nensei (obviously). It was rather sad - I was moved by it. A couple of the students - boys, obviously - were crying before they even got to their seats. I admit, I cried 3.33 tears. But I did well-up with 'em about 33.3 times. Next year, I will be ballin' like a high school baseball boy who just lost the national championship by not pitching in a way that makes the other team NOT hit the ball...which is to say, a lot of tears. A whole waterfall. I love the kids - I'm really gonna miss 'em.

After that, there was the drinking party...'cause there always is one. It was nice. I almost fell asleep at the ni-jikai...the second party. Overall, it was an exhausting day...night...thing.
But there's no school on Monday, so that's good...?

On a side note, I'm up to page 65ish in my Japanese book. It's going well. I learned the word 'scold' from it. This whole writing down the Japanese and then translating it was a good idea. I'm glad I finally thought of it and my friend approved it even though it's kinda bad for the environment from all the paper wasting. But, if you want to read the second story of the 'Twilight Shrine Convenience Store,' then you can. I didn't do this for the first one - it was a good one about a middle schooler, his first love, and cats...don't ask - and the second is in the works.

Got play practice this afternoon. It should be moderately enjoyable. I'm playing a gangster and a school boy. Not at the same time, but in the same play.

On a completely different side note: I think I'm FINALLY over that cold. Yeah! Go sleep!