Monday, December 29, 2008


Not much happened. Lost that strange Japanese guy - which is good. Went to the gym and got asked if I was okay by two people. I'm wondering if it's cause I'm foreign, I looked confused, or if they were bored. I honestly don't know which. I also bought a scale. ...and that makes up what I did for two days. Enjoy.

Friday, December 26, 2008


Another day of not really working. In fact, I’ve written all the entries from the 19th to now at work. I’ve also been messaging my friend for a good portion of the day. But I did make 4 worksheets, yo. I just work quickly…
And, now, it’s time for an announcement…
SNOW!!!! It snowed this morning/last night and lasted until about noon. It’s now 2.14-ish and the snow has mostly melted. But it does give me an in with calling that fellow. He doesn’t like the cold weather. I can ask him how the snow was and if he’s okay and all that other good stuff and ask how his work is going and shit like that. This is assuming I grow the balls to so such a thing. Which may or may not be in the future for me. Or, maybe he’ll call. Probably not though. That’s just not how it’s done here. That, and he may not like me. If that’s the case, then I hope he tells me that. I’m really fine being a friend with this guy. He’s just a really great guy from the little I do know about him. Actually, I know things about him that aren’t the “important” things. I don’t know where he lives, or where his family does. I don’t know if he lives with them, or alone. But I do know that DJing is his dream and that he’s chasing after it, and that is enough for me. I also know he likes nattou, and doesn’t like the cold. I know a few other things, but this is enough for now. Anyone who is catches their dreams is a good person by my standards.
Anyway, apparently we, as in my friend and I, are going to be meeting with that guy who didn’t show up yesterday today…possibly. He called her last night and they spoke in broken Japanese – apparently speaking English wasn’t his main goal for last night. We’ll see how that works out…assuming he even calls.

You know, sometimes I do forget that this isn’t my country. It’s just become so normal that I do, literally, forget that I’m foreign and everybody knows it, and I can never not be foreign here. I can marry a Japanese guy, have kids and all that stuff and still I won’t be Japanese. But, having said that, my teachers do seem surprised when I start speaking in English. It seems to throw them for a loop. Yeah…I ran out of news and I’m still on the clock.
A computer guy came in to fix one of the computers and he was a student of the teacher whose computer was being fixed. The teacher didn’t remember at first, which was pretty interesting. Good for a laugh. Days with no classes are always good for a laugh. Kinda boring, but there IS more to laugh at. …unless it’s an interesting class, in which case classes are interesting.
I just got invited to a drinking party. Whoo-hoo!! Well, it was an invite from an invitee. My keeper asked if I was going, and I asked to what, and then she told me and I got invited. But, it might be cancelled. We don’t know yet. We’ll see how that goes. I may or may not get drunk enough to call that guy with coworkers tonight. Who knows? This is a really boring play-by-play, but I am at work, and I do have an hour left before I make my hasty departure.

Okay, so I went to the drinking party. It was really nice. There were 7 of us - I'm guessing we make up most of the people who are cool in the school. You can tell we're cool by the fact we all hung out and drunk together. At first we went to a Italian/Turkish restaurant and got a couple of pitchers 'cause all the izakaiya's were full. That was pretty nice. We got 4 pizzas split between 7 people. It was delicious pizza. Very delicious. There, they made reservations at an izakaiya. I wore those gay boots again, but my keeper said they were cute so it's all okay to wear gay boots to a drinking party with co-workers. That's Gaijin Rule #4. Remember that one too.
Anyway, we left from there, and that is when I got the balls to call that guy. So, I called him - obviously. Talked about how cold it is, about work, about plans for New Year's Holiday, and things like that. Hopefully I didn't creep him out. If I did...well then, as they say, しょうがない, shou ga nai, there's nothing to do. 'cause it's in the past and time travel is not yet a reality.
We got to the izakaiya and drunk more. Took a taxi home. Slept.

Now, about my friend and that creepy guy...
He called and asked her what she was doing. She told him that she was having dinner, and he kinda invited himself over. She calls me in a panic while I'm waiting for the subway. I ask her if she wants him to come over, and she says I then say that if she changes her mind just leave the apartment before he gets there 'cause he doesn't know what she looks like and stuff like that. She calms down and we get off the phone in no small part due to the fact I was then on the subway about to be taken into a no-bar zone. Later I get a message (after many messages of "is her there?" "are you okay?" "if you need a rescue call, let me know" kind of messages) saying that he couldn't find her place and wants to go drinking with the two of us tomorrow. This guy either lost his nerve or is more retarded than me...which is a rather difficult feat. So, tomorrow I'm going drinking with her and this guy...which is cool with me. I've got no plans, and it should be interesting to say the least. I'll let you know how that goes.


Again with the going to work and not having anything to do. I did work up the nerve to ask advice from some of the other teachers (female) about what I should do about this guy, and another one. Basically, they agreed with my friend that I should call him if he doesn’t call me. On Friday, as well. Basically they said to call him and ask how he’s doing and see what’s up with him. Maybe wish him a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year and all that good stuff so that way he gets to know me as a person instead of…well…not knowing me I guess. I’ll see how I feel come the morrow about that one. The other advice was about this guy who I drunkenly gave my number to at some point a while ago. I promptly forgot all about that and he called me later that exact same night asking if I’d like to come to his apartment (or something like that) and I said that I didn’t know the way and I got lost easy and then he said take a taxi and I said I didn’t have enough money for that (‘cause I don’t…didn’t and still don’t) and then added maybe next time in my drunken state. Anyway, that guy messaged me about meeting later that night to speak English or some nonsense like that. I’m fine being a friend of this guy, but it probably won’t happen like that…at least for him. I don’t really remember him, so that’s not a good start for him…or a good thing for me either. But that is neither here nor there since there is a guy I’m interested in out there and I don’t go after more than one at a time…and I say that like I’ve done this crap before. I haven’t. But, I do only go after one at a time. Anyway, the teachers were basically like tell that boy that friendship is okay with friendship only…and then I told them the apartment coming story and they said to just end it ‘cause it ain’t goin’ down like that for him. Friendship not so okay apparently. But, I forwarded the message to my friend, and she wanted to meet him, so I messaged the guy with the details of when and where to meet and all that good stuff. AND then, the Iranian guy I danced with on the 19th messaged me about meeting over the weekend. No guy in America even looks at me, and yet here I have three at one time. I think this might be my supply of men for the rest of my life so I should use care. I’m already using caution, so care is next on the list.
So, my friend and I waited in the food court at the MALL for this guy for about 30-45 minutes and he doesn’t show. I can’t remember what he looks like and my friend hasn’t ever met him so she doesn’t know. Part of me was kinda hoping that he saw us, thought “fuck no,” and walked away. Turns out he was at work still. Yeah, I called, and then messaged him when he didn’t pick up ‘cause we were waiting for a while and my friend was hungry and I was a little hungry. Once we realized he’d be a while, if he came at all, then we got some stuff to eat, did a little shopping, went to the Book-OFF and went and played some PS2 at my apartment. He didn’t show. It became after 9 and we said no to meeting him, but my friend took my phone and gave him her number ‘cause she wants to get laid bad. Apparently we’ll be meeting with him tomorrow.

Ps: Happy Christmas!!!!
They eat chicken here for Christmas. The KFC in the MALL was packed.


Went to work. Didn’t really do much. I cleaned my desk for two hours…and “studied” for three. He didn’t call. But, I’m slowly getting my hopes down and dealing with the fact that I effed up royally with him and should find other places to put my interest. And then I remember that he did say he’d be busy, and that it’s during the week and my friend reminds me of this stuff as well so the hopes go up and down, but I’m trying to squish them before they get out of hand. My friend gave me the advice to call him if he doesn’t call me before 5 on Friday. I don’t know how I feel about this advice. I don’t want to take it. I’m bad on the phone as it is, add to that the feelings I’m squishing, and then add all Japanese all the time fun and it gets like a linguistic version of a Tarantino movie. And to make things less nice, my period still hasn’t started. It needs to hurry up with that.
I had dinner with a couple of friends tonight. We went over to Matt’s house and Caye made some pasta. I brought the bread. My friend got wine. The other girl bought other ingredients. It was a mini Christmas dinner since both Matt and Caye were going to go to Tokyo on the 11-something bus. It was delicious and fun.


I went to the aquarium with two of my students today. I also got 2 hours of sleep, so it probably wasn’t the best times for all of us. They were late meeting me at the Station, but that is okay. We went, we had some fun, we saw some fish and aquatic things. The seal show was rather interesting. I did have a good time, but my mind kept going back to that whole “…but I have to go to the zoo and/or the aquarium with 2 of my students” comment and felt like laughing while crying. Mostly I felt retarded. But, I think I did rather well for only having only 2 hours of sleep, being on my feet all night in gay shoes, and being with two cute little students who get nervous around me and yet don’t. Not to mention there were a lot of really creepy fish. And I kept trying to will that guy to call me. Lack of sleep made it seem like it happened a lot longer ago than just a few hours before. I’m rather retarded in normal life, and then add to that any sort of human relationship and I’m lost. Add to that the fact I like the guy and you have a disaster waiting to happen.
After all that aquarium going and kaki (oyster…I think) eating, I did go to karaoke later that night from about 7.30/7.45. I signed up for 2 hours, but I couldn’t do it. One of the girls asked if I got laid and that didn’t help with me feeling retarded. I was also dog-tired. I had to leave after about an hour – a little less actually. One of the guys came and took my place (he was supposed to come anyway, but the timing was perfect for me to leave and for him to take my place). I went home and slept. 2 all-nighters in 4 days with little recovery sleep doesn’t seem to really be working out for me. I think I went from child to grandma. WHERE’S MY ENERGETIC YOUTH???!?!?!?!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008


So, I called this guy, the guy from the club (see 2008.12.19), who I want to date on Sunday, I think, and asked him if he were DJing anywhere in the near future. He was. On Monday; a day away (Tuesday is the Emperor’s birthday, so it’s a national holiday, so it’s good timing…which is why they had it). So, I had basically decided that I was going to go then, but I wasn’t 100% sure since I chicken out of things easily when they are social situations. I asked one of my friends to go, and she agreed (luckily for me, since I might have chickened out at that point if she hadn’t). Anyway, the next day, I called him saying that I would be coming and bringing a friend. We got ready, he called and said something about giving my name at the door. My friend and I left and took a taxi to get there after the subway since neither of us actually knew where they place was. The party started at 9, we got there at 10, and people started to come at 11. HOWEVER, before we entered the club, my friend got accosted by a couple of drunk business men. In retrospect it was rather funny, but at the time it wasn’t so funny…except for the fact that it was. So, here’s the story about that:
Both of us are in short skirts (mine’s a dress, but that is neither here nor there, and these are relative statements since a skirt is short for me if it comes above the knee), which is pretty normal for Japan, and lower cut tops (for Japan, low-cut). I’m in really gay boots, and my friend is in cute heels. So, I call the guy to let him know that we are there and just as I start to ring him up the business man spots me and lets out the Japanese version of “oh, hey.” I see him and wave (I’ve gotten used to being a freak show on legs so I wave when people stare/point/yell). Then he spots my friend. At this point they are really loud and he has answered his phone so I turn around and walk away a little bit so I can talk. About 10-15 seconds later I hear a man yell my name. I turn around ‘cause that is what you do when someone says your name (this is point 2 of being a foreigner in Japan; take notes: 1 is wave, 2 turn around when they scream your name, and 3 is wear funny hats, we’ll get to 4 later). I then see something which would be frightening in America or almost any other country which is not Japan: my friend pinned to the wall with a drunk man on top of her. I think there was another one somewhere in this equation but I think it’s only fair to tell you that I drunk almost an entire bottle of Bailey’s before this (for courage, you see) so the memories are a little hazy from drink, fear, nerves, being cold, and the unexpectedness of the sight…that and it’s now Friday and I’m writing this at work because I have no actual work to do and I can confuse them with long passages in English and say it has something to do with work. I’d be more than willing to check papers and grade tests, but even the other teachers have nothing to do. Anyway, back to the story. So, friend pinned to a wall by drunk business man/men is what greets me. At least one knows my name. The first thought I will admit was ‘why did she tell them my name?,’ then I saw my friends face and realized that it was a plead for help. So, I go prancing over to her to rescue her. It mostly works and we are free for about 5 seconds when this OTHER drunk business guy comes running over holding a strawberry in the air like a high school kid holds the acceptance letter to their university of choice. His face was just about as excited as that kid’s would be too, mind. He comes up to us with the original drunk business man and says “STRAWBERRY!!” and my friend says “yes, yes, ichigo.” Then the man does the unthinkable. I fear for every strawberries life when I think back to this. I must cringe in fear and cry a little inside. I like strawberries, I do. But this man proceeded to put the strawberry on his crotch like a little mini-penis (or perhaps not so mini…), and then laugh. As if that wasn’t bad enough, he then tries to shove it in my friend’s mouth. She obviously doesn’t want it. He starts to shake his head no, and then shoves the strawberry, stem and all, into his mouth and eats it. Both of us are kinda creeped out at this point, but, luckily, it’s also the time they start to make their exit. She says ‘bye,’ and then the original drunk business man turns and says, “No. Come.” I am still on the phone with the guy trying to talk to him, and save my friend. It’s not working, but somehow we get away from the business men and I finish talking to the guy. I’m not 100% sure how that happened, but it did.
So, we get free and I go up to the ticket stand guy and see that TAKU TAKAHASHI is going to be there. I almost piss myself with excitement. He is literally half of my favorite (or at least one of) groups in Japanese music. I’m excited and really don’t mind so much paying the ¥3,000 entrance fee.
We enter, and get a locker for our jackets and bags. No one is there except for about 3 people, and luckily 2 of them weren’t us. We sit around, I eventually ask the bar tender if she’s seen the guy, she says she hasn’t, we sit around some more, he comes in, I introduce my friend, we sit around some more, we eventually notice that he is DJing so we go dance. More people come in, ☆TAKU TAKAHASHI takes the stage and we dance for a little, then we go sit for a little until she tells me to go talk to him, I do after about a minute. We spend a lot of the night kinda just standing and occasionally talking. I’m really retarded at this crap. I meet some of his friends. I get a couple of drinks in me and ask if he wants to dance a little, so we do. I got into a really weird dance off with one of his friends. I think the point was to just move and shake like you’re having a seizure. I think I won that first round. My prize was a hug from the guy I had a mini-dance-off with. Maybe I lost. Who knows? A lot of the night was spent standing, a little bit talking, and a little dancing.
TAKU stops and then some other guy starts to DJ, and then, once that guy is done, the guy I like starts to DJ again. I dance for that. Some guy starts to jump with me and the other guy watching the DJ spin. A little while after that I get into another dance-off with the guy from before. I think I win again, this time I get a kiss on the cheek. Perhaps I lost. Again, who knows? My friend left some time during all this. I can’t remember who was DJing and whatnot. She didn’t have a good time though. I think most of the people in the club already know each other, so it’s hard to be the new guy. I had an in and it was still kinda awkward at parts. Although one of his friends did ask me if I liked him, and I, being the retard (see later for exemplary proof) say ‘he’s really cool, isn’t he,’ which isn’t as retarded as it could have been. I think most of this happened during TAKU’s DJing. I can’t be sure ‘cause he wasn’t the main point of this adventure.
The guy I like stops DJing and we kinda stand/sit around and kinda talk for a little while longer. He continually says how tired he is (remember this fact for a little later please. This doesn’t have to go into the notes on being foreign, but it is important to take a mental note of this). So, we sit.
The club eventually closes, and this poor guy on the bench next to the one I was sitting on is having a bad night. He pukes. His friends get a bag and some toilet paper, I get some water. The guy who just threw up actually cleans it up, which wouldn’t really happen in America, at least not with the people I know. I stay around to make sure he’s all right since I’ve been there before and know how he feels, not to mention it gives me more chances to talk to the guy I like, or at least look at him like a creepy guy…’cause I am a creepy guy.
I get my jacket and my bag. Then, this is where the part I asked you to make a mental note of comes into play, he asks, “Do you want to take me home?” I seriously must have deer-in-the-headlights look. Many things run through my head, in this order (not really in the order they came…it happened to quickly to remember):
1) I thought you only had sex with girlfriends
2) I think my period is about to start
3) I thought you said you were tired
4) Am I really ready to have sex with you
5) I have to meet my students tomorrow…today
6) I thought you said you had plans

I panic. Instead of saying the obvious and truthful thing of “Yes, but maybe not for that today,” I say the first thing that comes to mind which is: “…but I have to meet two of my students to go to the zoo and/or the aquarium” in Japanese. He says what, and I repeat. God, I’m such an ass. It’s really funny though. Even I laugh when I think back on it. It’s been long enough where I can laugh and not feel the pain of being retarded…as strongly. Then he calls me strong. I say no, that I’m the opposite of that.
Then I leave. He walks me out. Now, this would be a good chance to make up for the past mistake and at least give him a kiss good-bye or something like that, but no, I ask how he’s getting home, he says he’s gonna have some breakfast with his friends, and I say okay and ask him to tell me next time he’s going to DJ and that he should call me. We part and I walk to the subway station, get home and go to bed for a good 2 hours before I went to the aquarium with 2 of my students.

I’m an ass, and I know it. But, at least I did tell the truth…part of it.

Ps: ☆TAKU TAKAHASHI is effing awesome. He’s a great DJ, he really is. …which is why he’s a pro. I suggest checking out some M-flo stuff. Verbal (the other half) is really sexy and great at the rap thing…which is why he’s a pro too. As he says, “Don’t hate me, hate the game.”

Sunday, December 21, 2008


I bought a PS3 and PS2. That’s most of the goings-on as far as those days are concerned. I also called the guy that I met at the club on the 19th, and like on Sunday. Got told about his DJing, and am darn sure I’m going. Also, I had my first pizza bought from a Pizza Hut in Japan. Split between 4 people, it’s not too bad. About ¥1,000.
I think it’s also important to note that my balls have grown exponentially in this country. I told some guy that my friend thinks he’s cute, then asked him on a date for her, went up to some guy and asked him to dance, and called one on the phone. Shit son, guess who wears the pants now.

Friday, December 19, 2008


Bounenkai. Bounenkai is an amazing time and a drunken time. Like many things in Japan, liquor makes it better. Gotta be with the people you work with after hours? Go drinking! It makes it all better. So, the Bounenkai is literally “forget the year gathering.” 忘年会:忘: forget:年:year:会:meeting/gathering. So, in normal English, Year-end Party. We had it in a hotel. I got sat to the direct left of the principal of the school. That’s all sorts of strange luck. And it was a random drawing so it was, indeed, fate at work for this, not unruly teachers. One of JTE (Japanese Teacher of English) sat to my left, and to his left is another English teacher, which doesn’t actually make the night any easier. That’s why there’s beer. We had some games, we had some fun, we drunk a lot, and ate some good food. That lasted for about 2 hours, and then there was the Nijikai (second party). That was fun. Less restrictive than the Bounenkai, fo’ sho’. I think at this point a couple or perhaps one of the teachers was trying to set me up with the youngest male teacher at the school. After about half the party he came over to pour drinks ‘cause that is what you do here, and they made him sit down next to me. A little later we all exchanged phone info. I invited the people around me to go to a club – ‘cause that was what I was doing next – and they kept trying to pressure him into coming. I got a few people (4 others) into going to what turned out to be the Sanjikai (the third party, or the after-parties’-after-party). We drank for like an hour or so…my memory is fuzzy due to time and drink. I invited them to a club for after ‘cause I was going to go out and have some fun…and stay up ‘til the subways started up again. I didn’t get any takers, but I did share a taxi up to Kokubuncho (the club district) with the teacher they were trying to set me up with. I got out and tried to find the club – I couldn’t. I called, and didn’t get through the first couple of times, so I walked around and kept trying. I eventually got through and entered the club. Danced a little…with an Iranian. Got his number and left the club with my friend and his date/girl/friend-he-picked-up-in-a-club. The Iranian guy asked me if I’d like to go to this club with him ‘cause he left at the same time too, but I definitely went with my friend (after making sure it was indeed okay that I tagged along to the next club, which luckily it was). We went to the club, and he danced with her and I just kinda stood around for a little while until I saw this one guy who kinda looked at me, and then he and his friend hit on these two Japanese girls who turned them down flat. I walked over and got a free drink out of that, and started to dance with one of them. I was nice. I did enjoy that dancing. It got a little raunchy (a little more than a little, if truth be told), but that is what happens when there are long lengths of alcohol imbibing and clubbing. Let’s all remember, this is technically the Gojikai (fifth party) for me, so there’s been many hours of liquor and partying. In fact, by the time it ended, I had been out for about 10 hours. Bounenkai started at 7, the club closed at around 5. Anyway, back to the story of that fellow and myself. We left the club together with his friend (as in we exited). The guy stopped to get a drink from a vending machine, and his friend seemed to bugger off in that way that says “my friend’s gonna get laid, so I’m gonna get out of here so he can make his move.” We started to walk and talk towards somewhere, I’m not sure where. We eventually got there and he offered to give me a ride. I admit openly that I didn’t actually understand what he was offering, but I took the offer…after I told him no sex. He was cool with that. He said something along the lines of only having sex with girlfriends, and then asked if I was the same, and I said yes, except with boyfriends. He drove me to my apartment, and we talked along the way. He is a really interesting guy.

Sunday, December 7, 2008


Did a little bit of studying today. Okay, actually I did no studying today. None. I meant to, but I didn't do any. I did, however, do laundry, and eat a burger. Also got out of bed at about 11.30.
There seem to be more earthquakes lately.
I'm gonna make a worksheet and take a shower. Obviously not at the same time.

Saturday, December 6, 2008


This morning, after writing the blog, I did go to the gym. It was nice. Afterward, I walked to Sendai Station and bought some tape. Then I got the idea to get some stamps - specifically cherry ones - to use on papers done by students. It was a pretty nice time. Then I came back to Nagamachi Minami and met up with one of the JTE's to discuss the classes. Come Monday I'll be doing a class on Christmas with 1-7. That should be fun.
Once we parted, I met suddenly with Jenn and we went to the ¥100 shop and got some goods. Then met up with Kristen to get stuff for making tonkatsu, purchased said goods and then headed off to the Book-Off/Tsutaya to rent some movies. It started to snow. It was amazing! It was the fluffy large ones that are wet. It didn't snow for long, but it did snow a little.
Movie night was nice. It is rather cold in my apartment, but that is to be expected. Tomorrow I'll study with Jeremy unless something comes up.


Today I was with the third years for the morning. It was rather fun. They are cuties. We got to joke around in English - which is always interesting. Did a little joking in Japanese, but not as much since it is English class and whatnot. Got asked if I was a virgin. Just so you know, "cherry girl" does, indeed, mean what you think it does. It took about 30 minutes to get an answer as to what it meant 'cause there are some things you just don't want to ask...just in case you are wrong and you just asked the students 'no sex? sex?' and they take that the wrong way. Seriously though - it's embarrassing to tell the meaning of the word, but it's not embarrassing to ask the question. That's the part that gets me. If they would have just told me what it meant, I would have answered, but I didn't 'cause they didn't. Next time maybe they'll help a foreigner out.
At 1 I left for the ALT meeting. It was pretty good as far as ALT meetings go. After that, kinda hung out and drunk some chuuhai and played some Tekken and soccer. Then it was off to the Christmas party. It was at an Indian restaurant. Very nice. It was delicious and fun. I took no pictures 'cause I didn't have my camera, but it was indeed a nice night. We did a nomi, and had a set menu. After that, a few of us went out to karaoke for about 2 hours. It was bordering on Christmas karaoke, but...well, what the hell, it was Christmas karaoke. Three glasses got broken...that was nomi karaoke. Luckily, this time, I listened to my body, so I stuck to orange juice and today I don't really have a hang-over. Who knows, it might hit me in the middle of the day. All I do know is that I'm going to get dressed and go to the gym, then do other things. The package for my mom is not going to be shipped out today either. I realized at 2 in the morning that I have no tape to tape it shut, so there's no mailing the sucker out. That, and I've yet to find somethings for my aunt and cousins. I think maybe some Matsushima stuff. He is the mascot for this area. And who doesn't love mascots?

Thursday, November 20, 2008


Well, it did snow a little here last night/this morning. Not much of the streets, but enough to give a nice little show.
Otherwise, not much to report. I found some "mini maple melon" bread that I have fallen in love I really should stop eating it, but it is damn good. It's about 3 degrees outside...that's pretty chilly. ...even if it is in Celsius.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008


There is a possibility that it might perhaps snow somewhere in Sendai tomorrow. Perhaps. Possibly.
This is the time that I need snow boots.

Otherwise, not much to report. There was a volleyball tournament, I joined a gym, and I made out with a Japanese guy. That's about it as far as news goes. Oh yeah, that, and it's pretty cold.

If it snows, I might possibly take nen-kyuu tomorrow. Perhaps. Probably not though, since I have classes and whatnot, and there is no real good reason to take it.

Saturday, November 1, 2008


Did a little bit of shopping this morning for a bag to put my supervisor's wedding present in. I also bought a couple of shirts. And a cake. Then some bread. Then, it was back home to 'wrap' and whatnot. Watched a movie about 2.5 times. Good stuff.
At 6, I met my supervisor and her husband for dinner at a sushi place. It was darn good. Then we had some coffee, and went our own ways at about 8/8.30...I don't really know. They gave me a birthday present. It is some hair scrub (I guess scrub is a good word for it). I used it tonight. It's nice. My hair feels so smooth.

Friday, October 31, 2008


On the 27th, I went to Nishi Nakada ES. It was fun. Not much to report.
The other days I stayed at my school. Not much to really report from that. I'm slowly learning some more names. Got taught a word that, if I had just begun learning Japanese, I probably shouldn't know, but I've learned Japanese for long enough to feel fine knowing yet another naughty word. I think my inability to learn some of the names of the students is getting on their nerves as noted by "え、もう教えた" and then lack of name giving again. Damn retardation in the area of name remembering. Feel in love with the first years again through Halloween activities and with third years through...talking with them. I think I could fall in love with the second years if I were there more often...but I'm not, so it's kinda hard to do that.
Tests in two weeks. That should be fun.

Oh, also had a pretty big earthquake Wednesday night/Thursday morning. And by pretty big, I mean it's the biggest I've ever felt but it really wasn't that big.

Sunday, October 26, 2008


I didn't leave the apartment at all today. I stuck my head out the window and looked at some helicopters and at the sign at the base of the apartment that says something like "People who move want" or something like that.
Not much was accomplished today other than completing some images, and sketching via PS...which I rather don't like. This is the first one for my Boxer-briefs club (I hate the bg, but we'll be working on it_, and the other one since I've drawn a give on a skull for the past two years, I decided to switch it up to make it a girl AND a skull. I rather don't like drawing on the computer, but we'll work on that in the days to come.
Don't snakes smell with their tongues? Watching HP2. That made me think of that. It's at the part where he's cornered by the Basilik, or however you spell it.
Anyway, didn't leave my apartment, wrote some emails, watched some movies, drew some pictures, drunk some liquor. I need to cut that last part out...tomorrow...or the day after...

Saturday, October 25, 2008


Today, I woke up late by choice, and then went shopping. I got a really gay plastic pad thing. It's not like homosexual gay, it's just really weird. The man in the speedo did it for me. After seeing that, I had to buy it. I also accidentally got a ¥1500 pen/pencil for my schedule thing. That pen/pencil better save my life one day. That is all I can really say about that. I also got another pen and a Happy Wedding card for my friend.
After that, I got a giant pig, and two small pigs as a wedding present. It may sound weird, but I hope they like it. I also got a small necklace for myself that I can wear to work, and some hair pins which I hope works in my hair.
After that, I went to the Disney store and bought some 50% off Vampire Stitch, a notebook, a pen, and a pencil.
Then, I went grocery shopping (it really had been awhile), and then got some bread from the most delicious bakery I think I've ever been to. It's my version of crack. I really do think it is.
Came home, and put the stuff away. Then started to type these up. Now, I think I'll watch a movie or ten and study...'cause I do have homework. The JET language course came to my desk on Monday, and I've been attempting to do them everyday since. The damn Kanji keep getting me. I have to make more flashcards...and that is what I forgot to buy that I had to. Oh well. There is always this afternoon/tomorrow/after that.
I didn't actually study. I cleaned a little, filled out a form, and took it to the post and then bought some things I keep meaning to get but always forget shampoo, and whatnot. I also updated my bank book, so life is good now that I have some idea where my money has been going and all.

...I also got some wine. I'm waiting until at least 5, maybe 6, to start making dinner and open up that wine. It should be a nice thing. A nice thing indeed.


Today was a full day. I had 5 third year classes, and one first year class. It was pretty good. Tiring, but good. The teachers and I didn't have time to make a lesson, so I just came in and walked around the classroom. Perhaps not the most entertaining lesson, but it was enough for me. I got to do a dialogue with a few of them. It was pretty good. Luckily I was able to memorize my lines.
Not many booze, since I really don't have many left...although I did buy two beers...but I didn't finish even one.


More first year fun times. More popping in through windows. More strange looks from the other teachers and I'm crouching outside a window waiting to pop up and tell everyone what time it is in America and how the weather is. It was rather cold today. Rather. But, it was fun. I didn't really startle anymore students...unfortunately...or fortunately...I'm not sure which.
Today was also 'Viking' lunch - basically a buffet for a couple of third year classes and their teachers. It was pretty fun. I didn't eat anything, but hung out with the students and started to try to remember names; my next goal in this experiment of teaching. It turns out, they don't seem to hate me, so life is good. The least I can do for them is to remember their names.
More booze, and more bread, and more movies.


Today was a day of retribution...(ie: it sucked). The speech really didn't go over too well, especially that first time. The speech wasn't too bad as far as speeches of my caliber go, but the Q&A really sucked. I don't think I really understood the questions, and then I gave crappy answers. It really sucked, but there is nothing to do about it now...although the liquor and bread did help me feel better at least. Perhaps not the best way to make up for crappy behavior, but it kinda works. The second time wasn't as bad 'cause I had heard the questions before, but it still sucked. Basically, about half way through I wanted it to end, but obviously that can't be done. I just hope the 3rd years don't hate me for good now. If they do, effing H, but if they don't then I'm safe.


I had some fun with first years since second years didn't have normal classes today (it's a special week revolving around dreams and the future). After that, I went to a seminar about Classroom Management. It was pretty good. It turns out I'm a "Firm but Fair-style" teacher. Yeah for me. Second was the "Laissez-faire style," but #1 is clearly #1. "Authoritarian" came in just about as last as you can get. There's another style, but I'll leave that one a mystery. ...I'm too lazy to turn the page back over.
Came home, and watched some movies, and typed up my speech for tomorrow, and picked out what parts of what movies to show. It took forever, but I did it. The speech is about 8 pages long. This is really going to suck.


Nishi Nakada Elementary school keeps getting better and better. The lesson was pretty least for me. I got to possess some kids, and then give them all candy - good deal. I also got to wear a much as a child's cape and a mini hat go. But, what made the visit golden was that some boy kept yelling out 'panties' and then asked if I knew what that meant and I said yes and then called him "panties-kun" and we all had a laugh. Then they taught me that thumbs down means 'die' in Japan. Not too sure if that is true of if they are just kidding around with me, but, either way, I just laughed along with them. Then their teacher made them say sorry for all the rude things they had said to me (since his buddy did end up joining in the panty/gesture fun). It was kinda cute. I don't particularly care, but I can see why they don't want kids to think it's okay to yell such things out since I know some people who would have been offended.
Went back to school after that, and helped out with one class. Startled some kid 'cause I appeared at a window. It was a good lesson.

Sunday, October 19, 2008


Today I headed out to the subway to go to the Loft to pick up a bag for Halloween goodies, and a couple of movies, when I stumbled upon the Taihaku-ku People Fest. It was kinda interesting, but mostly it was just games for kids, and food stalls. There was dancing, but I didn't stay for long.
At the Loft, I got a pumpkin bag for the goodies. Then, I went to the HMV in Loft. It's a music and movie store. I found Transporter and Transporter 2. I also got a CD. After that, I bought a marker. Just one...and by that I mean 4. I went to get one and then saw three others that looked nice too. But, they will be used, so I didn't buy them for naught. After, I went to Jupiter (a foreign goods in food goods) and bought some cookies 'cause I was going to go to a woman's house to make food (she's teaching me!). So, I got the cookies.
From there, I got on the train going the wrong way, so I got off and got on the right one. From there, I went to my stop, and went into the Mall. I bought some bread...which I ate all of 'cause it is damn good bread.
I finished most of the prep for tomorrow's class. Watched the Transporters and found a good scene to use if it weren't for the nipples showing. Drat. It was possible the best scene of its kinda and it's out the window 'cause of nipples. Drat.
At around 5, I left my apartment to go meet up with the woman who was going to teach me how to cook. We met up, I met her kids and we went to her house. It's a rather nice house. I liked it. And the cooking was a lot of fun!! It was a great night!! I have her eldest son, Takumi, tomorrow at the Elementary School.
She gave me a lift home. After that, I made mini-crabs, and started to write this. I'm rather tired, but I have to study I will, and then it's off to bed.


Today was the Imonikai...or, as I lovingly call it, the River Party. We made some stew and hung out on the river. I think I got some sun. It was surprisingly warm. Almost hot. The party started at about 11, and ended around 3-ish. It was a lot of fun, and the stew was amazingly tasty. That, and the mochi. Hand made mochi. I got to hit the mochi - it was fun.
After that, some of us hit up the Book-off. That was nice. I got 3 movies and a CD. I'm looking for a good one for stuntman-showing-off. It's harder than it looks. I thought that "Mr. and Mrs. Smith" might work, but I don't think it will. I'm going to try to find Transporter tomorrow. That should work.

Friday, October 17, 2008


Today I was supposed to go to 3 nen-sei, but they had tests, so I went to some 1 nen-sei instead. That was nice. With fall break being a break I feel like I haven't seen them in such a long time. I surprised one of the 3 nen-sei this morning by sneaking kinda behind him when he was at his desk and asking "What are you doing?" rather quickly. That was probably one of the highlights of my day.
Yeah, I won that round.
I left after lunch to go to a seminar on Second Language Acquisition. It was rather intriguing. Apparently it's basically impossible for a Japanese person to hear the different between 'r' and 'l' unless they hear it a lot between the time they are born and the time they are 1.5 years old. Kinda sucks.
After that, I went Halloween Supply shopping. I got me some nifty stuff. Namely this awesome outfit...and some markers. Still gotta get some candy and something to put the candy in. I also got an alarm clock. There was one that looked like a robot that I liked, but I couldn't figure out how to work it, so I gave up on that one. I also felt the rugs again. Yup, I'm definitely going to be getting that blue one come next week when I have my pay check. I also found some presents for my Mommy, and sister in the same building/department store. So, come pay day (and after finding something for my father...and wrapping 'em!!) I'll be posting that. A few months wait makes the opening that much better. I have no idea what he'd want though. Oh well. I'll find something.
After that, Moloko (yeah, I wasn't alone through all this...) and I went to the AER building. She tried on a jacket, I translated. She didn't buy jacket, I translated. It was a good thing. Then we went to Maruzen. She got a book, I got two. But seriously, Medical mystery and Physic Detective. Who can blame me? I mean, really. Think about it. Those are two separate books, but as one purchase it makes an awesome thought.
But, now I'm tired and will probably hit the hay early. There's a river party tomorrow that needs to be rested up for. ...and I also have to get out some cash since my little Halloween preparations today, and everywhere takes cash here. It's an all around good idea to have cash.

Thursday, October 16, 2008


Today was school as normal. That is to say that it wasn't a Thursday schedule at all, it was a Tuesday one, and we had something going on in the morning. Today was opening ceremony. That was the way opening ceremonies are. After that, had class with the 1 nen-sei's. A couple of them. 2 to be specific. Had some fun with "Who is~?" form. The other class we got to do a speaking activity. I handed by speech over to be edited to the teacher. Over 10 pages of dreamy goodness. I'll see how that 'dreamy goodness' stands up to the test of time...or editing. I think the editing is going to kill it, but that is what I get for not studying...and the teacher gets for asking the foreigner to do a speech.
At about 3.30, I left to go to Nishi Nakada Elementary School for some good times lesson planning. It was good times. I was early. It was a good day. We made a plan. A good plan. A plan-like plan. It's about Halloween. It should be fun. I get to go get a costume over the weekend...'cause one set of classes is on Monday (which I just found out about today). So, good times with quick planning. Halloween is really sneaking up on us here. About two weeks 'til it's here. I'm excited. Are you excited?
On a completely different note, I love my rug. I think I will get the blue one later on. I really just want to go roll on it. In fact, I might just go do that.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Today is the last day of holiday. Tomorrow is work. A Tuesday schedule on a Thursday actually. We may or may not have an opening ceremony. I'm not sure yet...and I won't be sure until tomorrow when it happens or doesn't happen.
Went to get my Re-entry permit today with Kevin. It was nice, but one heck of a walk since we didn't know where it was and we got some interesting directions (mostly my fault that, probably). Either way, we made it, got a grumpy man who doesn't like foreigners, left to get the stamp, got a couple of more fun directions for the post office, got to the post office, got the stamp, got back and got the permit. We can now re-enter Japan as many times as we feel necessary for the next 3 years.
After that, we walked back to Sendai station. We went separate ways. I went to LOFT and got me a couple of rugs (the blue one was out :( ) and a yoga mat. The rug is for warming up the apartment...and giving color. The other is so I don't drip on the floor when I come out of the shower. And the yoga mat is Which I'm sure you could have guessed. Kinda sad that I didn't get the blue one. Maybe I'll go back and get the smaller blue on after pay day...which is next week.
Tomorrow is class and I've yet to make up a worksheet for "Who is this?" Perhaps it won't be too terrible. Perhaps it will. Who knows. I also gotta to finish writing that speech. GOOD THING I LOVE GIVING SPEECHES SO MUCH. I kinda want to skip out on my speech and go listen to the soccer players. Now that sounds interesting.


Haven't really been updating 'cause I really haven't felt like it. Since I'm writing mostly 'cause I want to, I figure if I don't want to do it one day...or half a month, then I don't really have to. I'll try to get into the habit of doing it everyday. Who knows when I'll want to know about what happened even if it is mostly everyday things. It might be those everyday things that I miss the most. Who knows. All I do know is that I'll try. I make no promises, but trying is all I can do.
So, not much probably happened at school from 09.30-10.03. Probably hung out with the third years. I had an ALT meeting on the first...just like every month.
On the 4th, I went to Akiu and had some good nude times. By that I mean that I and a few other people went to an Onsen. It was fun. Met some Japanese from Fukushima. Not at the onsen, but on the walk towards the onsen.
Probably didn't do anything important on the 5th.
6-10 not too much to report. I went to help out at a school on the 9th, and then went to a seminar in the afternoon. Basically, I came back for lunch, and then left again. I also taught the third years "Wassup?" on Wednesday, but I'm not sure they got it. The one guy remembered it...after I said that I would be sad and cry if he didn't. The answer has yet to be learned.
"I'm fine, how are you?"
sounds a little strange, don't you think? I do. The whole "nothin'" as a reply seems to allude them. Oh well. That will come with time and practice. The 10th was also the ending of the semester. Had a nice little ceremony and enjoyed we always do when there is s ceremony. I did think that it was interesting that one of the teachers went and told one of the students to go tuck in his shirt. It was the cool guy who plays can tell he's cool by the fact that his shirt wasn't tucked in. I'm not sure it ever really is. I think on the 10th I went Karaoke-ing. I'm sure I did, in fact.
The 11th and 12th were Sport's Festival. Had to work. On the 11th, I went to the office, did some office like things, and then went to watch Volleyball. We lost to Tomizawa, and then won the next game...against someone whose name I forget. At night, I went to a concert with Jessica. It was pretty nice, but I still think the singer guy is probably a jerk in real life. On the 12th, I went to watch Baseball. We lost in the very last inning. I didn't notice any of them crying, but there might have been tears of sorrow. After that, went and had lunch, then went to a famous tofu shop (the tofu sucks up flavor like a brand new vacuum), and then to buy the traditional candy of Akiu...which I think is called hago. Perhaps. Perhaps.
After that, the 13th was a Sport's Holiday. I went to volunteer with a program for Down's Syndrome kids and their siblings. I meet one of my students there. I was quite surprised about that. After which I walked to Sendai with Mina and Mike, we had lunch, and then I went to the AER building. Went to Maruzen, and then to Office Vender. I now have the best schedule any 9 year old has ever seen. It's pretty sweet. Also got a kick arse pen with 7 colors, some highlighters, and some notebooks. Gotta work on this whole "studying" thing.
The 14th was a holiday. I cleaned my room like no ones business. Then, later, went out to meet with Caye and Jeremy. We went to Maruzen...I got more books, but this time they are Turkish and Russian, so they are for studying...studying. From there we had dinner, and then kinda split up and went our separate ways. It was a nice day.

Monday, September 29, 2008


Today I met 3-1 for the first time. Imagine, a month in and I'm still meeting classes. It was fun. Met a kid who really likes nato...or really likes saying 'yes' in English. I'm not 100% sure. Had some fun with some other grades. And by 'some other' I mean one other class.
After lunch, I took off to go to a seminar. The seminar was pretty fun. Got to learn some classic activities...y'know...since it's over classic activities and all.
Now, I think I'll try to find some songs to use for classes. That should take a while.


Today I meet a man from Iran. It was nice. We sat and chatted for a few hours. He got a laugh out of my Farsi, but, it was an enjoyable time. Not much happened other than that. And that I got my sweaters. I enjoy them, and will wait until it's a little later to start wearing them.

Saturday, September 27, 2008


Wakuwaku Cooking was pretty fun today. We made all sorts of things. And, by we, I mean these two students I "helped" made all sorts of things. Udon, kinako, zunda, and pumpkin pudding. Good stuff. I ate too much 'cause that's just what I did. No real reason other than that.
Got my books today from Amazon. They are nice. Onomatopoeia study time has commenced.

Friday, September 26, 2008


I am so glad I ordered those sweaters. It's like 60 degrees here now. Maybe a little less. I actually wore a long sleeve shirt today and was good for most of the day. But, come around 4 it was rather chilly.
Had some fun with third years. Played Battleship with some first years. After school, I got to help two girls with English. Yup. Not much to report.

Thursday, September 25, 2008


Yanagiu Elementary School has stolen my heart. It has. Those 3rd years are so cute. Needless to say, class went reasonably well today. I had fun. I don't know if it's an elementary school thing or what, but there always seems to be at least one rather cute. Nishi Nakada has one. Yanagiu has one. I think it's a thing with them. I was worried for no particular reason other than the normal amount of worry that one should have before basically putting on a performance for them kids. There were quite a few kids with brothers/sisters at the middle school...but, seeing as how most of them, if not all, are going to go to Yanagiu Middle it really isn't so surprising. Either way, it was fun, we introduced ourselves, and sang a song. They seem to enjoy the songs, interacting, and pictures. That Thor comic I bought has seriously gotten some mileage in the past day. Luckily, he's strong, so he can handle it. I still haven't finished reading it. I have a copy in America, and one here, and yet I still haven't finished reading it. I would call myself a slacker, but, I still haven't finished introducing myself to the students, so Thor stays at school in case I feel like whipping him out while introducing myself.
Anyway, I went to the middle school by bus 'cause I'm awesome like that. Apparently I turned in the business trip sheet too late 'cause the fact that I went to Yanagiu Elementary wasn't written on the board and I felt like a huge ass. I feel like I let the teachers down, but there isn't much that I can do about it now. ...and I did at least turn the sheet in...just late. Like a day late. Seriously. Sucks.

...and I just ordered some onomatopoeia books. Awesome. Since, you know, I needed to know more than just ira ira and doki doki. Fo' realz.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008


I had some fun with the first years today. I met 1-6 finally. That was fun. Did my self-intro and then played Hangman for the rest of class.
Other than that, not much to report. I feel like a slacker and really want to go get drunk with friends, but I teach elementary school tomorrow so that means a full night of sleep and half a pot of coffee tomorrow morning. Maybe I'll watch a movie...

Just after 10 PM...

First earthquake in Sendai that I'm sure I've felt happened at that time last night. It was about a three or four on the Japanese scale, so not so big. Just enough to either confuse you into thinking you felt one/letting you know you felt one. My neighbors dog if very bad at Earthquake warnings. I felt the thing before he did. Aren't they supposed to be all knowing when it comes to things shaking up the ground around them? I mean, for real. Start barking before the Earthquake next time, okay Spot?

Tuesday, September 23, 2008


Not exactly 11 yet, but now is just as good as then to update. Now is a little better, 'cause by 11 I should be in bed. Doesn't mean that I will be in bed, just that I should.
Anyway, I didn't get to Yodobashi (an electronics store) today for a scanner. Maybe Saturday or Sunday. I did, however, get me some kick arse sneakers. You must admit, those some nice kicks. Men's shoes, 'cause that is how I do in Japan since women's shoes are too small as a general statement. And by general statement I mean that it is the case. I think the super-huge-women's shoes stop at about 24/25 cm. I'm closer to 27cm. These shoes are 26~26.5 cm and are very close to being too small, but I've got a good bit left before they are too small. Well, anyway, I got these shoes 1) 'cause I need them (I can join the gym now!!), and 2) I wore heels after a good while of not and my feet are NOT properly calloused, so, needless to say, there was pain. I only have one blister, but the balls of my feet are still a little angry at me and it's been over an hour since I took my heels off. But, before this giant shoe wearing fiasco occurred, Jessica and I meet up at Loft. I just wanted to buy some paper to try to make an English-word-of-the-week Comic thing, but, instead, I bough 21 Copics markers. I enjoy the markers greatly and want to get more. I've started down a dangerous road of marker buying and picture coloring. There's no turning back now. Nothing I can do but send some of my money back to America before it turns into markers (...or books...). I did get me some nice colors. The 'Night Blue' is especially nice, as is...well the rest of them. I also got 'Special Black' 'cause I was kinda wondering what was so special about it. Perhaps it's blacker than the normal black? Perhaps it gives back massages in the middle of the night? Who knows. All I know is that they are awesome, and that I spent way too much money today. And, Jessica was looking for a gift for her mom. It just wasn't me and markers leading people around. And she bought a stamp, so it was good for her too.
Tea time. Yup, we went to Afternoon Tea and had Cafe Ole's. It was good. That tea place is so nice! Really beautiful atmosphere.
From there, we went over to the AER building (which I lovingly referred to as the 'Maruzen building' when I couldn't remember what the actual building was called). There, we looked around a little for a nice shirt for her and then went to Office Vendor. She bought a notebook and a pencil, and I bought a no-line notebook and a pencil (.03 lead powaaa!). Then, we went to Maruzen. I bought even more books. I got "The 13th Tale" 'cause I had a huge desire to read it again, and then "Through Pictures, learn French/Russian/Italian" (3 different books). Those should be fun except that they don't really help with accents. Oh well, Jessica knows French so she can help with that, I know what Italian sounds like since I've studied it before, and I can listen to Russian podcasts and whatnot. It really is so true for me when they say in my Natal Report: "Sometimes you have difficulty remaining focuses, because the only thing better than what you are learning right now is what is on your intellectual horizon." Seriously. Too true for words, me thinks. I'm about half way done studying Japanese and already I'm ready for the next thing. BUT, I AM going to take the JPLT in June or July (I've decided this!) so I besta study. Not to mention, I really want to be able to read books in Japanese in a leisurely fashion instead of a studying fashion. I am. I will. It's a ¥6,000 investment that I'd rather not have to pay for twice for the same certification. Therefore, studying is the BEST idea.
ANYWAY, after that we kinda walked went to S-Pal (my feet were REALLY killing me at this point). We couldn't find a shirt for her though :(
We went into the Station to go to a restaurant, but didn't find anything that was both delicious and not expensive.
Then, the shoe store (which is in the AER building so we walked BACK to it, I bought my kicks, and changed them in the bathroom).
Jessica then called someone who she was going to meet up with possibly today. The girl asked for her to come, so we went to the Subway station and parted ways. Once back at my stop, I went to the kyuukyuu (¥99 store) and bought 2 things of milk, a Peach Tea, and an Apple Tea. Then I came home, took a shower, took that sneaker picture, and wrote this. I also drunk the Apple Tea and made rice somewhere in there. Now, I'm going to make a Battleship game and then go to sleep. I'm also going to eat the rice at some point before going to bed.

ps: Russian was the biggest of the three...just like in real life.

pps: I also bought 4 sweaters off the internet and spent WAY too much money doing that, but they should be here in time to keep me warm. ...'cause my school ain't got central heating, and neither does my apartment. Not to mention, they are some pretty sweet sweaters. Unfortunately, one is back ordered. This is them:
Numero Uno
My back ordered friend
As you can tell, too much money, but I really do like them...and will be transferring funds to cover it. I think the cost is worth it to be queerly dressed while teaching "No, you do not play study, you study. You don't play ski either, you ski." I figure I'm already strange, I might as well do it in clothes that I like. Although I think I might have gotten the wrong size for one or two. But, we shall see. Normally I don't mind a little loose, but I have one shirt that is loose and ventures into the realm of risque if I'm not careful with it. Sweaters generally don't have that problem though. Not to mention I've eaten so much lately 'cause of the cold that I think I gained a little weight. So, definitely time to hit the gym. Hit it like a ton of less-than-graceful bricks...but I think I'll have to wait to join until the beginning of next month. But, there is dance classes for once I get feeling better (still not 100% so I don't want to push it until I'm sure I'm fine).



Details at 11.

Monday, September 22, 2008


I talked to a little kid today. Life is good. Okay, so he just kinda asked if I worked 'over at that school,' and I kinda said yes, and then he kinda said that he can't read English, and then I kinda said good luck to him, and then we kinda crossed the street. Yeah, it's a good story. I think I'll tell this one to someone's grandkids when I get a little older. Maybe tomorrow if I can find some who speak English 'cause I like the story in English better.
Oh, I also had the privilege to see a pigeon poop for the first time. As in it was my first time to see this, not as in it was the pigeon's firs poop. I'm pretty sure that pigeon has pooped many times before. Honestly, Japan holds most of my pigeon firsts. In Japan was the first time I've seen them 'getting it on,' and the first poop time. I don't know what's next, but I'm pretty sure it's gonna go down here, in Japan. Hopefully outside.
As for school, I got to have fun with second years. They no longer seem to be as...unapproachable as I first feared. Not to mention a couple of my most favorite girls from the Volleyball team are second year. I admit, it was pretty fun even if they speak rather low.
Tomorrow is a holiday, so I'm going shopping...for a scanner 'cause I want one and think it'll be beneficial to my life.
...and I gotta make up activities for them kids and that there edukaishun.

Sunday, September 21, 2008


Today, I did not leave my apartment. I worked on some pictures that I owe people, and wrote a couple of chapters of my story. All I can really say is that I think it helped me get better, and my bum hurts. I doubt those two are connected, but they are both true. Gonna go to bed early today too. I'm almost back to 100%, so I don't wanna ruin it with a nigh of fun. Actually, I think my bum would protest before I made it to 9.00PM. It's just after 8PM and I think my bums about to revolt. Tomorrow's school, then, the next day is a day off. I think I shall go scanner shopping, and, failing at that, marker shopping.
And I found out something a little sad. They are opening up ANOTHER bookstore come November. It's sad just 'cause that means that there is ANOTHER bookstore. It's not actually a sad thing...unless you're my bank account. Oh well. I do have self control and I will try to use it.

Saturday, September 20, 2008


We call this "One fell swoop post," 'cause I ain't doing one for all of them days mostly 'cause not much happened, but I will try to space it out...
17) Went to school, had some laughs...okay, not many laughs. Still sick, still in that god-awful mask, and still rocking out like only a foreigner in Japan 'teaching' English can. I meet with the teachers from Yanagiu Elementary School. Which was pretty good 'cause at that point I could barely speak. YEAH, IT WAS LOADS OF FUN. That, and I kinda don't feel like going there...I'M APPREHENSIVE BECAUSE THEY WANT ME TO SING A SONG THAT I DON'T KNOW AT ALL. And, yes, that does make me quake in my ¥45 mask. It does. Came home, ate a lot, slept.
18) Didn't really have much to least I don't think that I did. I don't remember. I know it was a half day for them kiddies, and that there was a buffet style lunch, but I don't remember much other than that. I stayed until 4, then left. Came home, ate a lot, slept.
19) NO SCHOOL!!! I went book shopping 'cause I'm a sucker for paydays and books. Well, that, and I was looking for 'The Count of Monte Cristo,' which they didn't have. So I bought 'Dubliners' instead. Have yet to start on it, but I have it. Other than that, I'M GETTING SO DAMN TIRED OF EATING. THIS COLD BETTER BE GONE SOON 'CAUSE I DON'T THINK I CAN STUFF MY FACE MUCH LONGER.
20) Woke early and did laundry. Drew a picture. Finished a book. Ate more than even god could handle. Wrote this. Life evens itself out.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008


Went to work today. Wasn't too bad, but when I had about an hour and a half to go, I really didn't think I was going to make it. I did almost pass out. And I think I'm let one of the teachers down because I couldn't come up with an activity. I've gotta try harder on that front. It's just a little hard since I still have no idea what I'm doing, and I wanted to pass out. That was a factor. Just gotta make it through Thursday, and then I'll be good! (no school on Friday. But I do have to go to the Immigration Office) Aww man, this would be the perfect time to take a vacation! No school on Friday, Saturday, Sunday, take off Monday, and no school Tuesday!!!! It would be PERFECT, but I'm not even sure I can MAKE it through Thursday let alone go for a trip. And, I do need to go to the Immigration Office since I think they only open during the week, and I don't want to take off to go get my re-entry permit (which I need in case something comes up, or I take a trip to somewhere not in Japan).
Either way, went to work, let people down, and wore a mask. I don't think life's improving, but at least it's not standing still. Now to just work on the crap ton of projects I got going and stop being so damnedly lazy.

Monday, September 15, 2008


Yup. Definitely sick. I better be just peachy tomorrow mornin' 'cause I ain't takin' time offa work for a lousy cold that seems to be only affecting my nose. I'm still rather stuffy, but otherwise doing pretty fine. I really didn't do anything today. I woke up, blew my nose some, made breakfast while blowing my nose, ate it, blew my nose, did other things that I'm not sure about but I know involved blowing my nose, eventually made some kind of lunch, need more things while blowing my nose, and made dinner. While/after typing this I'm sure there will be nose blowing. But, a thing of note, I did clean/organize my room some. I got my bookshelf in a nice place where hopefully it won't kill me in the even of an earthquake while I'm at my desk. Hey. Did you know that Sendai is due for a giant earthquake? Yeah, I haven't really told many people that 'cause it might scare them. Personally a level 7 earthquake on the Japanese scale is pretty damn scary. You remember that giant Kobe earthquake years ago? Yeah, I think that was a 7. And I still don't have my earthquake kit prepared. I have 2 2 liter bottles filled with water and that is it. And I have that mostly 'cause I have the bottles and felt like it. But, on a good note, I also got a bin to put all me unmentionables in, and they are in it now. Well, except for the dirty ones/ones in use/ones that aren't 'cause they just aren't. Just a couple of more containers and things and my room will be organized. Just gotta work on some decorations. As it is, I have a calendar hanging on the wall, as well as a couple of bras (don't ask, the room comes with one wall that has movable hooks). I think I can do better than that. But, taking it slowly as to not buy more than I need and so I don't wind up with no money. Although, tomorrow you better believe that I'm buyin' me some OJ...I ran out. I'm down to tea, water, and vodka. And I highly doubt the Vodka is what I should be drinking. Yup, I think I'll be fine for school tomorrow. I'm down to one throat drop thing, but I can get some tomorrow from the Kyuukyuu on my way to the bus stop. I'm probably gonna be picking up some fruit like drink to take to work with me anyway, so I might as well so that as well.
Still feeding the cold, so I'm off to finish the egg fried rice I made.

Sunday, September 14, 2008


So...I am sick. I think it's a cold or something. Nothing is quite as lovely as being sick in a foreign country. But, I did manage to get some snazzy lime flavored throat drops yesterday, so those have been my savior for the day. Honestly, my throat doesn't hurt, but my nose is stuffier than an 18th century widow at a whore house. Not too sure what that means, but I hope it means pretty stuffy, 'cause I am. I'm also missing out on 'the BEST festival Sendai has to offer.' That being the Jazz festival. I'm pretty sad about missing it, but no way I'm leaving this apartment again. I think I might have an elevated temperature. Oh well. Tomorrow is holiday. I think it's 'respect elders' holiday or something. Such a shame I don't know the students well enough to see about getting a few to come and cook for me. Maybe clean my room. That would be sweet.
But, despite my apparent lack of enthusium for going out, I did go out. In the morning, I went to 'Shop 99' (called 'Kyuukyuu' by the cool kids - ie, me) and bought me some eggs ('cause I wanted some), some egg bread, and a crap ton of juice. 3 1000ml of OJ, and a smaller Veggie+Fruit juice. I also bought a sandwich and a packet of inari (rice in a fried tofu wrapper). And a snack called Caramel Corn. Oh, and some Okayu (what Japanese people eat when sick - kinda like Chicken soup for Americans). Came back and ate most of that (the okayu - not yet...the eggs too). Laid down for a little 'cause I honestly haven't eaten that much in a while. My breakfast is usually a pear of something right before I run out the door and arrive early to wait for my bus. After that, I made some Okayu (not the stuff from the Kyuukyuu), and scrambled up 3 eggs. You know what they say: "Feed a cold, starve a fever." least I hope that is what they say 'cause I have no intention of missing classes since I still haven't even meet half the students (fo' real. 800 kids, about 22 sections, and 7 of those get split into 2). I have most of the 2 years to see (I've only been to about 2 or 3 of those), and a few 3 years left, and like 1 first year left.
Well, after my food escapades, I went to the MALL to hang out and 'study' Japanese with 2 of the cool kids also teaching. We ended up going into an Italian restaurant and mostly sitting and not really studying much. Either way it was fun. I bought a container to put me socks, panties, and bras in since, as it is right now, they are on the floor in my closet and I want to get my apartment organized. I think when it's cleaner, I'll feel better. But, who knows. I still have a while to go on that, and I'm trying not to spend too much money and trying to save it. But, I did take another ¥10,000 out of my account. I hopefully won't use it until next payday (Friday!!!! or maybe Thursday since we have no school on Friday cause the Cultural Festival was yesterday). It's not that I'm running out of money, I just want to save as much as I can...without not living...if that makes sense. I think I'm going to see about getting a scanner. I miss drawing. I don't know why (I kinda do though) but I feel like I can't draw if I can't show it 'cause mostly it'll be stuff that I owe people. Either way, I've got a ¥10,000 gift card comin' my way as soon as I go to Yodobashi (an electronics store) and turn some sheets of paper in. Imagine, all I had to do was sign-up for the internet and they give me money. Maybe I can get some tissues too. Y'know, I'm not really a tissue person. Only when I'm sick do I use them. Luckily, my keeper insisted I get some. I don't know how much longer the box my predecessor left me will keep. I used like 20 last night (not quite, but I did use a lot).
Anyway, I'm back at my apartment, blowing my nose, and drinking OJ. I had to go to the bathroom like about 35 minutes ago, so I should get up and do that.

Saturday, September 13, 2008


SCHOOL FESTIVAL. We had that today.
It was fun. I scare the kids by asking their names...and then there is that one kid I jumped to go write a message. I really didn't have much to do, so I enjoyed walking around and going to the concert that was in the gym. That was really cool. So many students are so talented, and teachers too. It makes me sad since I really have nothing. NO•THING.
Well, them the breaks.

...and I think I'm getting sick.


I went to Nishi Nakada Elementary School today. It was fun. I think I like them kids.
Otherwise, not much happened today...other than the fact that some store got robbed by a guy using a pair of scissors. Us teachers got to do patrol as the students went home...2 hours later, granted, but it still got done. We patrolled with the best of them. I've never patrolled harder in my life. Of course, I've never really patrolled either, so it's not very hard to patrol hard under those circumstances.

...that, and I got home at about 7.00...or 7.30ish. Overtime is my favorite time <3

Thursday, September 11, 2008


Speech Contest.

Need I really say more?

Luckily I wasn't in it, just 2 of my students. I'm so proud of them; they've done REALLY well!! One got a prize in the third tier for the Essay section. The other didn't get any for recitation, but I think she should have. She was A-MAZE-ING. Oh well, not much to do about it. (pictures will be added later)
Afterwords, we all went back to school and gave a report about it. It was fun, but I was a little tired (now I'm full of energy, go figure!).
One of the head teachers - Ito-sensei - spoke with me about it. After that he I think half joked about starting an English club, but I'm more than 100% down for that. I kinda wanted to from the start, but we'll see how that goes (if anywhere). Then, upon trying to go to the shoe area, I got accosted by some first years. Accosted because it's been a while since I've said that word...and I think it's a good word. I spoke with them for a while, and then we all had to leave. When exiting, I ran into some 3rd years and they walked with me to the bus stop. All in all, it was a nice day "at school."
After my nice little bus ride to school, I went to "The MALL" and got some pictures printed off from the contest, and bought a bookshelf. I've yet to put it together (I'm eating dinner now), but it will be put together and then the fun part of attempting to figure out where to put it begins.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008


There was an ALT meeting today. We taught food at Kamisugiyamadori Elementary School...or some name like that. It's long, and it's late. Correct names are not in my top 10 things to do/remember right now. Either way, we taught, we had fun, we ate sandwiches for lunch, and I went back to school. I got to go around and 'help' (mostly watch) the kids prepare for the festival this weekend. It was pretty fun and rather interesting. I had a good time. I've started to learn some of the kids' names. It's rather difficult since there is about 800 of them, but I'm trying. I asked the kids to come up and ask me what their names are, so we'll see how that works out for me. I stayed after a little and watched the Volleyball kids practice...and by practice I mean I saw them running around and doing that kind of practice, not Volleyball practice per say. It was fun, and I can't wait to buy shoes so I can practice with them. Well, I don't necessarily want to buy the shoes, but that is a step that I need to take since I doubt they'll give me the shoes. I'm pretty sure they won't.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008


Tests. Tests, tests, and more tests. Not so heavy on the grading today, but there were a lot of test taking today. Actually, half a day of it, but that is still quite a bit when it's the second day in a row and not finals. Poor first years were nervous 'cause I talk to quickly, but, for the listening section of the test, I spoke as quickly as I was told to. It's not my fault this time. For real. It's not. First time it was 'cause I was nervous as heck, but this time it wasn't. But, I did help grade a section of the test. I'm glad that they trust me enough to grade things. I went and asked if there was anything else I could do. There was. I stayed until about 6.30, and would have stayed a little longer, but one of the head teachers persuaded me otherwise. He also gave me a lift. We talked. It was nice. I think that I am lucky 'cause all the teachers seem pretty cool. And the students are pretty darn good too.

Monday, September 8, 2008


My underwear keeps giving me a wedgie.'s true AND let's me start an entry without saying 'Today...'
well, anyway, today the kids had some tests, and they will tomorrow as well. So, for the first period or three I had nothing to do, so I studied me some Kanji. After that, I got to grade tests like there was no tomorrow. It was entertaining, but some of them made no sense. I do believe my favorite went something like this: I played with three dogs. I used a ball. It was pretty good. That kid is tops in my book. Tops.
Today was sunny...and hot. It was so sunny it actually hurt my eyes after so many days of rain and clouds. Most of the week seems like it's supposed to be pretty sunny, but we'll see how that goes.

Sunday, September 7, 2008


Today I met up with a couple of people and studied Japanese a little. Not too much, but it was still good 'cause it meant that I did something. It was fun. Next week we shall try it again.
After a little while studying, a couple of us decided to go to Maruzen to get study material. I know, I just went yesterday, but today I didn't buy anything although I did see a couple of Italian-English books which would be PERFECT for studying, but I didn't get 'em, since I'm running close to the limit I allowed myself for this month. But, I do need to buy bookshelves, so that will be a big purchase. That, and I want to buy markers, which will be a HUGE investment since they cost about ¥400 a pop. Either way, we went to Maruzen and then to a couple of stores in the Loft (where I saw the bookshelf that I think I'll buy one or two of, and the markers). After that, we went to have tea at Afternoon Tea, and got free book covers. (the picture is from my cell phone - it's Erica and Jessica) After that, we all went our separate ways.

Saturday, September 6, 2008


Today I woke up with a moderate hangover. I ate the udon that one of the teachers gave me last night/this morning. I don't know if it was what it was, or if it was because I was attempting to sober up, but it made my stomach a little upset. At about noon, I went out to see about buying a new bag (one with a zipper so my stuff doesn't fall out of it like it is now since the clasp broke). I couldn't find one, but I did find stuff to mail stuff in. And a cute smelly thing. After that, I went to the Maruzen to see about getting a book on onomatopoeia. I couldn't find 'em, but I did find a Italian-English-Japanese word book. So, I got that so I can continue to study Italian AND Japanese at the same time. My stomach wasn't too happy about being up, or out, so I went to a 'New Days' in Sendai station and bought 3 drinks (a water, a coke, and a juice). The cashier was kinda cute - he said 'see you,' which I'm not sure why, but made me happy. By cute, I mean that I kinda wanna pinch his cheeks and rub his head.
When I got to my subway stop, I bought 2 more drinks (a vitamin drink, and another water), then walked home. Today was the first non-rainy day for about a week or three. Rather surprising, really.

Friday, September 5, 2008


Today I went to some first year classes instead of the third years like I was supposed to. It was fun. The kids have tests on Monday and Tuesday (which is why I didn't go to third year), so they need to study. It was fun. I got to grade a lot of work from the third years though. My favorite sentence so far has to be "I don't like rain because it's damp." I actually did laugh out loud at that. It's just so cute. This fellow has become #1 in my book for that sentence. I have no idea who he is, but I know he's a winner.
At around 7.00, I went to my welcome party. Enkai. A word one must come to know if in Japan for any length of time. Basically, enkai is a drinking party. Yeah, I got pretty drunk. I ate like 10 bites in an effort to get drunk so I'd relax. It was fun. Talked and laughed with my coworkers. One of them taught me how to be more lady-like in my Japanese. I think he was secretly poking fun at my bad Japanese, but it's all cool.
After that, was Nijikai (the after-party). That was fun too. One really drunk coworker kept asking if I like sexual harassment, and couldn't quite get that sexual harassment was harassment because it's unwanted attention. It was a rather fun party. But, I learned that my keeper will be leaving in about a year and a half to move to Yokohama and get married and all that stuff. It makes me sad, but there isn't much that I can do about it other then have fun while I can.
After the after-party, two teachers and myself waited around to get a ride from one of their girlfriends. One of the teachers bought more beer and udon from the conbini (I can't spell it correctly in English, but what a 7-11 is) right next to the bar we went to. The other teacher asked how long I was going to be in Japan, and I said probably for at least 2 years, and then he said that he hopes that I stay for longer - get married to a Japanese man and stay.

It was an interesting night to say the least. (yeah for being able to change the post date!)

Thursday, September 4, 2008


Today was my first day with second years. The girls are pretty cool, but the boys aren't nearly as cool. They are at that weird age, me thinks, where they feel that they are 'too cool for school,' so it makes them not as cool as they could be. Either way, it wasn't so bad, and I think I'll enjoy the challenge they may present. That, and I don't think Suzuki-sensei dislikes me - whooohooo! I thought she might, but it is just how we communicate with each other.
Definitely got to find out about the gym this weekend. That, and buy a yoga mat. And a book or two. Well, there goes my whole 'no buying' thing, doesn't it. Oh well, I need exercise badly, and those books have been a long time in the coming. Onomatopoeia waits for no man. And no man waits for onomatopoeia, so it's a shitty lifestyle.
Other than that, I gotta figure out a hair cut for myself. I want one, I just don't know how.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008


Today was a practice session at some elementary school with a long name (Kamisugiyamadori). I got to do my self-intro (again!) today. I don't think it went too badly, but I definitely wasn't the best. I'm not sure if there was a worst since everybody just has a different way of going about things in an intro. Either way, it was fun. After that was the monthly ALT meeting. A lot of announcements. Pretty informative as far as announcing things went. But, I must say that I am enjoying my wallet. Expensive as it was, it does the job well and feel damn good doing it.
After the monthly meeting, I had coffee with one of my sempai's - Waylon - and had a good chat with him. Rather interesting fellow. Now if only I wasn't so socially awkward I might be able to have a less one sided conversation with him. Either way, the coffee was good, as was the conversation. After that, we took the subway and I walked him to his gym since it wasn't that far from where I was going. It started to storm. Not too heavy on the rain, but there was a little bit of lightning and thunder. It seems to be completely stopped now, however.
When I got home, I had a note from the Pelican - a postal system here in Japan - that my book from Amazon came, but he couldn't leave it. So, I gave him a nice little call and he redelivered it. I now have my Thor comic. Fun times. Fun times.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008


Today I got to make a recording for the first year’s test. My lisp is annoying the heck out of me. I’ve got to train myself to get rid of it. I didn’t think it was that bad, but it is terrible! Today is also Yanagiu’s anniversary so a lot of teachers took off since the kids don’t have classes. But, there were a lot of teachers at school – more than I thought there would be. Either way, my keeper - Minako Obata - and I took a few hours off (3) and went and had lunch and went shopping for a wallet.
We went to AEON near her house. It's a large mall. Nothing too fancy except for the stores. We looked around, and since I had a hard time deciding what wallet to get we got our skin checked. Well, the water level of our skin. Both of us do not have enough! I guess that means that I need to take better care of my skin or something. I'm not sure what it really means, all I do know is that after that we went to a soap store and got our hands washed one and a half times. They were nice products, but a little pricey. After that, guess how much I paid for a wallet 'cause I'm still amazed. Have you guessed? About ¥10,000! I'd never do that in America, but, it's just what you do here. It's a nice wallet and my first real ladies wallet. No more shopping for this month...and it's only the 2nd. Shouldn't be too hard unless I run out of food. In which case, school lunch just got a lot more tasty.

Monday, September 1, 2008


Today was my first time at an Elementary School. It was fun, but a little tiring. I went to Nishi Nakada Elementary School. I did my self introduction, five kids introduced themselves (sometimes a little more), then we did “Touch your --“ game (with musical accompaniment of ‘Heads, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes’), and we finished the day with ‘Color Demon.’ Nothing makes one happy quite like yelling out colors and watching kids run away from you. It makes ones heart alight with joy and happiness. After that, I returned to school (since it was only 13.30), and sat at my desk. Not much to do since I had no classes to go to. Well, that and the school is preparing for the school festival. I handed out toilet paper, and introduced myself to some students who were laughing and acting all embarrassed outside (since that is what one should do when such a thing happens). That one boy didn’t seem to appreciate it, but that is his own problem since there is nothing funny about saying ‘harro’ to your new assistant teacher. I even say ‘hello’ back.
Oh, I did get to help to enlarge a picture and make it poster sized. That was interesting. Another chance to talk at students and attempt to talk with students. Somehow ‘hobbies’ turned into ‘birthday,’ so now I know one girl’s birthday…but I forget her name. But, May 28th. She was born on that day. Whoever she is.

Sunday, August 31, 2008


Today I went to a little something called “kids club.” It was fun. We got to run around and play games with a bunch of little kids. At first, I was a little tired, but that didn’t last long. Those dammedly ‘genki’ kids. They were cute and energetic, so we all became energetic. Not cute, just energetic. It was a lot of fun, and I am glad that I did it. They even gave us certificates of participation. They misspelled my name badly, but I’ve got it none-the-less. I am Makkaati, not Makuchi. From there we (as in some of the volunteers) went to “The Mall” and ate some Italian food - pizza and pasta, if I am to be specific. After that, we wondered around the mall (just some of us), and then we went about our separate ways.

Saturday, August 30, 2008


It stormed last night. There may or may not have been a small earthquake last night. I remember something about one possibly happening, but it wasn't a 'solid' memory. It was kinda like when you're drunk and you think that you did or said something, but you can't really remember if you did or did not but you kinda have a memory of doing/saying it but it's kinda fuzzy...yeah, it was like that. Either way, nothing fell or broke or was damaged so it wasn't a big one.
Well, in the morning I went with Jessica, a friend of mine, to the market. It's been rainy for a while so I didn't bring my camera. Maybe next time I go I'll take a picture of it. I bought some pears, peaches, ume boshi, kimchee sauce/stock, and eel. I think that's all. We then went to eat udon at this place right next to the market. The market had so much stuff - it kinda makes me wish that I could cook fish 'cause there was so much of it all over the place. I've got to learn how to!!
Anyway, after lunch we went to Maruzen, a large bookstore, and looked at some books for the Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT) and I got some drawing books. From there I met up with some people who I'm doing a lesson with. We mostly talked since none of us really remembered what it was that we were going to do...
From there I went with Jeremy to Maruzen and showed him the JLPT books and whatnot. He went to The Loft and I went back to the subway. By this time it was raining a little. I walked home in the rain. It continued to rain for a little while. It has stopped now, but who knows how it'll be in about 5 minutes...

Thursday, August 28, 2008


I've arrived in Sendai and am alive. School started a couple of days ago. Not much to report other than that.