Wednesday, March 31, 2010

How come when you go out the next day you feel guilty? I do at least. Even when I know I have NOTHING to feel guilty kinda sucks.

Monday, March 29, 2010

The gym was pretty good today. Didn't give it as much as I should have, but that's how the world works. Oh well.
Leavers assembly and party tomorrow. Should be nerveracking since I'm giving a speech.

Also, on a strange note: I can't imagine anyone ever wanting to date me or do the dirty with me. And yet, there are. People need higher standards. This means you. Stop that.
Really now? Maybe I should start a club at school: "Grumpy Kids for the Betterment of the World."
One of the teachers has taken to calling me a bunny.

Because of my carrots.

So, if I bring in 2 tomorrow, I wonder how that'll be? said that perhaps I was a horse instead.
Of, gotta love bad carrot jokes.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

I'm going out.
Drinks and dancing.
GO TIME!!! about an hour...or two...

Friday, March 26, 2010



I think I should get a smaller camera so I can take more pictures. I like my camera, but it's HUGE and bulky and that means less picture taking.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

My (counter)desk and chair came today.
I like them. Totally spent hours putting them together.

And that's my mirror on the counter. Yeah, it's totally going to be moved to the other side of the room...eventually.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Today was a holiday.
All I did, you ask?
I went to the gym.
Which was nice, but that's seriously all.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

eMail me for details!

Yesterday was an eventful day. Here's a mostly undetailed run down of the major events:
There was an event!
St. Baldrick's Charity Event at SHAFT.
The only St. Baldrick's event in Japan.
Went to that (where apparently one person thought I was the hottest girl in the room).
In awesome boots (the reason for above parenthesis).
Tried to talk to the cute bartender who remembers me.
Went to a bar.
Went to another bar.
Sexual harassment.
Back to SHAFT.
Phone number given.
Went to Bar, Isn't It?
Met up with an old friend.
Went to eat.
Took first subway home.

This may or may not be related. I'll leave it up to other people who are more intelligent than I do decide.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

I had gone to the gym with the express purpose of not trying that hard and not staying long so I could come home to my bad wine (I'm drinking some now; it's not that great). But, then Hot Gym came over and spoke to me. For those just joining us on this boring quest (hi guys!), Hot Gym is the code name for the fellow at the gym whom I like. He's hot. And works at the gym. AND teaches only hot classes (I'm not kidding on this point either). Hence Hot Gym (it originally came from the Operation I was plotting to talk to him The Operation name was made by my friend. Part 2 is After-workout Sauna...which may never come to fruition since Operation Hot Gym is at a stalemate). ANYWAY, Hot Gym came over and personally invited me to the 2 classes he was teaching special that night. He said, "If you have the energy, please come." I went. Oh yes, I went. The classes were good. Very hot. But, WHAT THE HECK IS UP WITH THIS? The more I try to give him up, the more he pushes/makes efforts to talk to me. The more I'm in to him, the more he pulls away.

I think I need more wine.

On a side note, that means that I spent 3.5/4 hours at the gym. If I don't get healthy after this stuff, I'll be amazed. And bewildered. Of course, coming home and drinking is NOT helping...but I love the wines. The red ones. They take my moneys.

On a completely unrelated side note, yesterday I bought a desk, a chair, and a mirror. If I spent over 3 man (30,000 yen), then I'd get free delivery. The desk and chair were almost there, so I got a mirror, too...since I wanted one anyway. And by wanted, I mean I should have, but I don't necessarily want to be able to see all my body. And by desk, I mean counter that I'm going to use as a desk so I can FINALLY work on my arts well. It's been slow going 'cause this sit-down-desk makes me lazy. I also go the last counter (score!). And they'll all be here on the 23rd between the hours of 6 and 8 in the PM.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Also, found out that the people who work at the gym can't date the people who go to the gym. It's against the rules. Does that mean that Hot Gym's out? Or does that mean that I get to have a secret relationship if he gets the balls?

I learned this last night...from my friend whose friend dated a trainer on the DL...this is also the friend who kept encouraging me to go for him. And she tells me this NOW. I kinda feel like a jerk for probably making work difficult for this fellow. Oh well. I'm good at keeping secrets
Something I noticed about 3 seconds ago about my students:
What makes them laugh with embarrassment when they ask/say it is rather different.
1st years: "How old are you?" then embarrassment and/or giggling.
2nd years: "Vagina." then usually giggling (the boys giggle, too)
3rd years: "Did you masturbate last night?" then giggling...and anticipation for answer.
Do we see where puberty leads? Do we? Do we really now?

Saturday, March 13, 2010

You know, I'm kinda happy that kid came to my door all those days ago. It means that now whenever in movies and TV there's a whore/prostitute who tries to sell themselves for about $50, I automatically get first dibs on them being me. I did it last night to Watchmen and it was nice. No more fighting for first whore dibs. None at all.

Also, the period has started, but so far it's just a crap lot of pain and not much blood. I guess it needs to get done ripping all my insides out before the blood comes on too strong. You know, this used to be done while I was sleeping. I liked that way better. Damn you growing older, damn you! Oh well, gonna go exercise and hopefully relieve some of that pain that way.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

I just left the gym, and Hot Gym came out, we exchanged our お疲れ様s. Then he looked at the counter girl and I'm pretty sure they shared a conspiratorial look and then he looked back at me. WTF DOES THAT MEAN!?! I had mostly given up and had hoped for friendship at best, but does this mean I have a shot?! Does it mean I have less than a hell? Damn ball-less Japanese men...not that Ive expressed much courage either.
But seriously, I need to know. I think Impala make me working on making a move, but I can't be sure on that front either. All I do know is that 1) I need sound dating advice from non-crazy people (ie: not me), and 2) I just want my period to go ahead and start. It's been dicking around all day. It's irritating me...and it's about a day late. Dicking around AND being late ain't cool, kids.

As for the dating advice: if I were to say, see a movie or go out to dinner with Impala, that doesn't mean that we are dating, right? We could just be two good friends enjoying my coupons and food together, correct? At least if I play it right by one country's rules, I won't feel like much of a jack-ass...much of one. I'm counting on you Krisbones. It's all on you. Maybe I should post it to the forums to get more advice since I'm totally out of my league of knowledge...
Thank goodness tomorrow is Friday!!! This week has been unexpectedly long.
And, the snow has at least half turned into rivers. Today will be my first trek to the gym in a long while (Monday night...). Let's see how the gym treats me.

And, I have ¥427 (or there about) to last me 'til payday next Friday. I should have enough food to last me. It's not that long, really. Just about 8 days. This should be easy. GO ME!!!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Also, the teacher I don't understand is taking all my newly-found free periods ;___; I don't appreciate that, but I guess I should earn my pay.
It snowed quite a bit yesterday and today. About half way up my leg in parts. Not terribly much, but still quite a bit when you consider the fact that almost everyone I talked to said that the snow usually doesn't stick...especially around my school. Pictures to come. They are in my inbox...I've yet to download them though...

Also, been mailing Impala. We'll see where that leads. Probably nowhere, but there's mailings.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Yesterday was graduation. I was really nice! I almost cried. Didn't, but almost did. Had a lot of pictures taken. I'm going to miss those guys!

After that, starting at about 7, was the drinking party for the graduation.

...drinks, talking, hurt my thumb. I'm too tired to give details. Those are all the important ones. Oh, and I got a lift home in a '59 Impala. Nice.
On Thursday, I bought a carrot before work, so I had no other choice than to bring said carrot to work.

My coworkers thought that was weird.
They didn't understand why I had a carrot at work.
...when I wasn't using it in class.

Carrot haters?

Carrot in bag.

Carrot in question.

Carrot in bag on desk.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

The dialogue in this story has been translated for ease of understanding...

The day was Tuesday.
I left school early by an hour because I wanted to go to the gym before heading over to my friend's boyfriend's bar.
I went to the drug store (and got laundry detergent and soup), and to the convenience store (got a sandwich and yogurt), and then went home. I got in and took off my jacket when someone rang my doorbell. So, I went to the door, as I'm apt to do, and looked through the peephole. Standing there was a short fellow in a black jersey (workout outfit...the seemingly plastic kind that makes that strange noise when it rubs against itself). I opened it up thinking perhaps it was mail! a package! Turns out it was a kid. Maybe a second or third year middle schooler here (so, 8th or 9th grade). He was looking in his wallet. He looked up at me, looked at his wallet, stuttered for a bit then got out "I'm looking for my friend's house." I looked at him blankly - obviously he was mistaken. Before I could say anything he looked at me and said, "I've made a mistake, sorry." I said it was okay and closed the door. About 15 seconds later another ring at my door. I went back, looked through the peephole, same kid was there. I opened the door up and he asked "Where is ****** 2-chome?" (location hidden to protect myself <3 ). I said, "Over there, I think, but I don't know." He then looked around a bit, then asked what chome this was. I responded with one. He looked around a bit (he's Japanese, it's what they do), and then said that he was going to find his friend's house. I said be careful. He took about 3 steps then turned around and came back to my door, took out his wallet and examined it. Then said: "Will you have sex with me for ¥5000?" I stared at him blankly, and then he got a little downtrodden, and asked if it was a no. I said that it was and he left and I closed my door.

Thank you Japan. Thank you. I got propositioned for sexual favors from a 14 year old at my own front door. I'm sure he followed me from the drug store where the most sexual thing I bought was laundry detergent (it does wash me knickers after all).