Saturday, August 30, 2008


It stormed last night. There may or may not have been a small earthquake last night. I remember something about one possibly happening, but it wasn't a 'solid' memory. It was kinda like when you're drunk and you think that you did or said something, but you can't really remember if you did or did not but you kinda have a memory of doing/saying it but it's kinda fuzzy...yeah, it was like that. Either way, nothing fell or broke or was damaged so it wasn't a big one.
Well, in the morning I went with Jessica, a friend of mine, to the market. It's been rainy for a while so I didn't bring my camera. Maybe next time I go I'll take a picture of it. I bought some pears, peaches, ume boshi, kimchee sauce/stock, and eel. I think that's all. We then went to eat udon at this place right next to the market. The market had so much stuff - it kinda makes me wish that I could cook fish 'cause there was so much of it all over the place. I've got to learn how to!!
Anyway, after lunch we went to Maruzen, a large bookstore, and looked at some books for the Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT) and I got some drawing books. From there I met up with some people who I'm doing a lesson with. We mostly talked since none of us really remembered what it was that we were going to do...
From there I went with Jeremy to Maruzen and showed him the JLPT books and whatnot. He went to The Loft and I went back to the subway. By this time it was raining a little. I walked home in the rain. It continued to rain for a little while. It has stopped now, but who knows how it'll be in about 5 minutes...


  1. I have the envies over your drawing books, especially top right!

  2. WAH i want your drawing books!!! X3 Have fun, i wanna see pics!!

  3. Your drawing books look fun XD Can't wait til you get a scanner!

  4. This is why book stores are so dangerous...nice drawing books!