Wednesday, December 23, 2009

The skirt was vetoed. Got huge bruises on my legs that shouldn't be shown. And I'm a skirt pansy.
The Job Fair was a bust. Thought as much, but one should be optimistic, so I went with good feelings (or whatever slightly less than appropriate Japanese phrasing sounds right).
Went to the gym. Took a shower, entered the bath. Almost passed out. Sat in the massage chair.
Went back home-ish. Did a little more Christmas shopping. Bought a thing for steaming things. God times. That was supposed to Good times, but the other o jumped ship. I'm keeping it as it is. Take it how you will.
Now, I'm going to steam some pumpkin in my new thing 'cause it's new and that's how we roll round these parts.


  1. Thank you, good sir. I made Santa fall over, I think that is a great achievement for a year. May the next find Santa not being toppled.

    How's the arm??

    Merry Krisbones-mas to you, too!