Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Tomorrow is a holiday. I keep forgetting that today isn't Friday. It feels like it. Last day of the semester, and tomorrow being a holiday and all. Not that the start of Winter Vacation means much to me except that I'll have no work to really do at work. I guess I should study. I started a TESOL class, and language learning never ends. Never. Heck, I'm still learning English. Japanese is obviously not over.

There's a job fair in town tomorrow. I'm going to check it out. In a suit! That's right, a suit! The exclamation point is part of the word...it's not really there for exclaiming anything. That's just how a suit! is. See? There it is again. It's a skirt suit! to boot. My calves are gonna be so cold. Not the -40 of Canada, but I've turned into a cold wimp...a wimp when cold is involved. I have. At least with a skirt I don't have to worry about my hem getting wet. It may rain tomorrow. I hope not. Cold rain is the worst. Snow - not so bad. Rain - terrible. It's about 3 bazillion times colder and whatnot.

Now, off to read then bed.

It doesn't feel like almost-Christmas. At all. I may go to karaoke on actual-Christmas...the 25th. Then drinking! I haven't been drinking! in a while. It'll be nice. I actually haven't been out! in a long time etiher.

Notice, 2 more ••! words. Take note. They may come back (probably not though...)

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