Tuesday, February 23, 2010

I read a book yesterday.
"The Magic Finger" by Roland Dahl.
That's right. I read a 20-some odd page book. And I'm proud of it.
It wasn't as entertaining as I'd hoped. Not bad, but not too awesome.
As you can tell, yesterday I had few classes.
Today I have none.
But, yesterday I talked to the hot gym teacher.
Yeah. Go me.
Now to just grow a pair and be a man.
Figuratively. I don't think he's into that kinda stuff. And I can't actually just grow a pair. It's not possible. I don't think. As a super-power, you must admit that would suck.
Also, my dear dear friend Candi sent me some info about skin care, and I'm going to be starting that. As soon as I find that darned body brush thing. It's yet to be found for me. Hello Kitty condoms, check. Round bath brush, nowhere in sight.
Thank you for that Japan.

Also, weird spacing 'cause I can. There's really no reason for it.
And, wrote one more 1-page story and a few lines of my story yesterday. Should work more on those more often.


  1. If you want, I can buy a brush here & mail it to you. I wasn't sure if they would have such things in Japan? (I didn't know they had such things here until recently)

  2. I have one last store to try. If they don't have it, then I would like to beg one off of you. I'll mail you later about it, okay? In return I'll get you something from here :D Or maybe just reimburse you...I leave that up to you! Thanks!!

  3. Sure dude! I have no problem sending you one over! Just send me an email & I'm on the job :D