Wednesday, June 2, 2010

I brought a banana to class today.
"This is my banana."
Good times. It was a stuffed banana, so it's not so dangerous. A real banana may have been eaten. Stolen and eaten. As it was, my banana was just felt up. Many times.

I hope that above statement is used against me somehow. Feeling up bananas is just something that one shouldn't do. Although I didn't do it. I was just the catalyst. Well, the bringer of the catalyst. I maybe should have brought the apple or strawberry, but my banana just fit into my pencil case so much better.


  1. I have no idea what you mean with this post, but I bet your pencil case is.. never mind.


  2. My pencil case is stained? Yes, it is. How did you know?!

  3. Uhh. It's a secret. And has nothing to do with bananas or carrots.

  4. I'm sure. Bananas and carrots wouldn't betray me. Well, the carrots won't. The bananas probably will since I don't love them the way they deserve.