Friday, June 4, 2010

We did more "This is ~." "That is ~." practicing today. We even learned the question form. I got to steal student's things again. Good times. Pictionary was good times as well. I got them to draw the teacher a couple of times (twice). The first time was a little frightening, the second was kinda cute.

Took nenkyuu (paid leave) tomorrow. Going to work on an entry into a contest that I have no shot of winning, but I really want to do it since I think it'll give me a push in the right direction. Also, drinking party tomorrow. Taking off work, but going to the drinking party. Life is good. It's not formal. I'm excited. Going to a club after that. It should be good times. If it's not, something went terribly wrong.


  1. Sorry I've been absent from your blog. I've been working and when I get home I pretty much check my mail, eat, shower and go to bed unfulfilled.

    But now I'm back!

  2. That's cool. I understand.

    As you can probably tell, my life revolves around the gym...sadly.