Wednesday, August 18, 2010

I've only really had one boyfriend - how pathetic is that?

Personal training is going well. I can feel the effects even if it's yet to really be seen. My legs will be amazingly sore tomorrow I think. The training was on Monday, so I gymed extra hard today to try to make tomorrow not as terrible as it could be.

I'm slowly getting better I think. I stopped taking the anti-depressants since they were really screwing with MANY bad ways. I'm feeling less suicidal and more motivated now. Hopefully once they get out of my system I'll be back to normal even if it means I vomit more. I prefer that in multiple ways.

I plan on going to the doctor on Thursday. Hopefully we'll have good news by then. I'm still not 100%, but at least it's more than >50% like I've been for the past month+.


  1. Don't worry about the one boyfriend... when you meet someone special, which is inevitable, you'll appreciate him all the more. Nothing pathetic about that, don't let this hurt your self-esteem. Judging by your blogs, you're obviously an intelligent, very talented and creative woman, a great catch for a very lucky guy one day.

    Sorry to hear about the depression... it's good that you're writing about it, hope you have friends with whom to talk about it too, it helps to ventilate...

    Hang in there! And keep the artwork coming on your other blog, it's very good stuff!

  2. Thank you very much for your kind words.
    I hope to continue with my efforts and get good one day!

    The depression is almost completely gone now. I just needed to get off that pill!