Monday, January 18, 2010

Don't you hate those parts in your life where if you go forward it's like walking out into a mine field, and staying isn't much better? I'm not sure if lately I've been wanting to stay where I am because it's safe, or because it's what I want. Moving forward would mean uncertainty and a high chance of falling flat on my face. But staying still is just like being in what others call denial. Sometimes you can't tell if you are in denial, or if you really are just happy where you are. Sometimes staying still is exactly what you need. But, when the time comes to move, can you do it? I've been thinking this point over in my head for a good while now. Forward is new and a little dangerous. Here is safe and a little stale. Which is better? Both have advantages and disadvantages - in equal measure no less. Well, that's not necessarily 100% true. If things go 'as planned,' moving forward is the better option, but if they don't, staying is the better option. Basically: Leap then look, or look then leap - which will be the better option this time?


  1. Obviously, I've always been more of the Leap first kind of guy. Which isn't to say I don't have backup or a safety net, but I won't life my life wondering about what might have been.

    And some day it will work out for me, dammit!

  2. I think this time I'm going to look then leap. The leaping then looking seemed good, but, shit happens, and luckily this shit happened before it could turn into a big-shit happens.