Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Sometimes you just need to work without pants on. You do. Maybe not all the time. Unless you live in somewhere really Okinawa or Hawaii. Even Brazil (but that would be too sexy, so pants back on).

On another note which has little to do with pants, I went snowboarding today. It was nice. I sucked. But, it was my first time, so 'shouganai,' as they say here.


  1. That post was inspired, true, funny and photo-free.

    3 out of four aint too bad, I guess.

  2. But you should probably snowboard with pants on. At least if you snow board in Canada.

  3. Sorry. Next-next post I hope to get ... well around the same score 'cause usually I'm batting 0. 4/4 will be a miracle. Let's hope it happens this year.

    Agreed. Pants are necessary when snowboarding. Except virtual snowboarding. That may be okay. Preferred even. Especially if you live in hot places like Okinawa, or Hawaii. I'm sure it's law in Brazil.