Thursday, March 11, 2010

I just left the gym, and Hot Gym came out, we exchanged our お疲れ様s. Then he looked at the counter girl and I'm pretty sure they shared a conspiratorial look and then he looked back at me. WTF DOES THAT MEAN!?! I had mostly given up and had hoped for friendship at best, but does this mean I have a shot?! Does it mean I have less than a hell? Damn ball-less Japanese men...not that Ive expressed much courage either.
But seriously, I need to know. I think Impala make me working on making a move, but I can't be sure on that front either. All I do know is that 1) I need sound dating advice from non-crazy people (ie: not me), and 2) I just want my period to go ahead and start. It's been dicking around all day. It's irritating me...and it's about a day late. Dicking around AND being late ain't cool, kids.

As for the dating advice: if I were to say, see a movie or go out to dinner with Impala, that doesn't mean that we are dating, right? We could just be two good friends enjoying my coupons and food together, correct? At least if I play it right by one country's rules, I won't feel like much of a jack-ass...much of one. I'm counting on you Krisbones. It's all on you. Maybe I should post it to the forums to get more advice since I'm totally out of my league of knowledge...


  1. I don't think dinner or movie = date. I've gone to movies & dinners with boys & have never really considered myself on a date for any of them. To me date = 2 ppl who like each other doing something together. If 1 thinks it's friends only, that's all it is.

    Sorry you're being jerked around by girly things :( *big Canadian lumber jack hug*

  2. I think so, too, but I need to make sure. This whole thing is SO new to me. Maybe for dudes, the system works different. I guess I should see 1) if it does go anywhere, and 2) how it feels while it's going down.

    Thanks. I totally thought it started last night. ;____; Apparently I'm having phantom girly things now... *returns bug Canadian lumber jack hug*

  3. The exchanged glances thing throws me. That could be him saying to her, "See, she does dig me, this crazy hot gaijin." Or it could mean "That's right, I am asking this awkward white girl out to the mecha-prom, then, bet won, you shall be forced to sleep with me, girl behind counter."

    But I dunno. I don't have a very good handle on the Japanese. Were his eyes giant, did he have a bloody nose, or was there a cup-sized bead of perspiration on his forehead? Sometimes those are signs.

    As far as where I hail from, I go to movies with attractive and funny girls all of the time as friends. The trick is knowing whether or not that's actually what ya want...

    (I lied. I sleep with all of them. But that's because I'm really that boring in person. I put entire restaurants to sleep.)

  4. It throws me way off. The more I decide to just be friends, the more he kinda tries harder to talk to me and whatnot. The more I try to talk to him, the more he pulls away. My friend said that was how love works, but it's irritating as hell.

    I guess if it turns into that, I should just ask. Not be a pansy and ask the hard hitting questions that will win me a News Anchor Awesomeness Award (called a NAAA). many men have you slept with then? Whole're doing better than Prostitute Me! I think I'm up to 1...and he was a 14 year old, so he only counts as half.