Wednesday, March 3, 2010

The dialogue in this story has been translated for ease of understanding...

The day was Tuesday.
I left school early by an hour because I wanted to go to the gym before heading over to my friend's boyfriend's bar.
I went to the drug store (and got laundry detergent and soup), and to the convenience store (got a sandwich and yogurt), and then went home. I got in and took off my jacket when someone rang my doorbell. So, I went to the door, as I'm apt to do, and looked through the peephole. Standing there was a short fellow in a black jersey (workout outfit...the seemingly plastic kind that makes that strange noise when it rubs against itself). I opened it up thinking perhaps it was mail! a package! Turns out it was a kid. Maybe a second or third year middle schooler here (so, 8th or 9th grade). He was looking in his wallet. He looked up at me, looked at his wallet, stuttered for a bit then got out "I'm looking for my friend's house." I looked at him blankly - obviously he was mistaken. Before I could say anything he looked at me and said, "I've made a mistake, sorry." I said it was okay and closed the door. About 15 seconds later another ring at my door. I went back, looked through the peephole, same kid was there. I opened the door up and he asked "Where is ****** 2-chome?" (location hidden to protect myself <3 ). I said, "Over there, I think, but I don't know." He then looked around a bit, then asked what chome this was. I responded with one. He looked around a bit (he's Japanese, it's what they do), and then said that he was going to find his friend's house. I said be careful. He took about 3 steps then turned around and came back to my door, took out his wallet and examined it. Then said: "Will you have sex with me for ¥5000?" I stared at him blankly, and then he got a little downtrodden, and asked if it was a no. I said that it was and he left and I closed my door.

Thank you Japan. Thank you. I got propositioned for sexual favors from a 14 year old at my own front door. I'm sure he followed me from the drug store where the most sexual thing I bought was laundry detergent (it does wash me knickers after all).


  1. Awesome. I can totally understand how hard it was for you to resist that offer and I respect you for standing up for your morals.

    What about 10,000? (What is that, like 33 bucks?)


  2. Wow. I had no idea you bought laundry soap so ...sexily. That's hot dude!


  3. 10,000....maybe. We'll see. I think I can get away with just oral and then speaking to him in fake German...and take all his ten yen coins. All of them!

    Apparently that's what the guys here like. 'Oh, she does laundry. HAWT!'