Tuesday, March 16, 2010

I had gone to the gym with the express purpose of not trying that hard and not staying long so I could come home to my bad wine (I'm drinking some now; it's not that great). But, then Hot Gym came over and spoke to me. For those just joining us on this boring quest (hi guys!), Hot Gym is the code name for the fellow at the gym whom I like. He's hot. And works at the gym. AND teaches only hot classes (I'm not kidding on this point either). Hence Hot Gym (it originally came from the Operation I was plotting to talk to him The Operation name was made by my friend. Part 2 is After-workout Sauna...which may never come to fruition since Operation Hot Gym is at a stalemate). ANYWAY, Hot Gym came over and personally invited me to the 2 classes he was teaching special that night. He said, "If you have the energy, please come." I went. Oh yes, I went. The classes were good. Very hot. But, WHAT THE HECK IS UP WITH THIS? The more I try to give him up, the more he pushes/makes efforts to talk to me. The more I'm in to him, the more he pulls away.

I think I need more wine.

On a side note, that means that I spent 3.5/4 hours at the gym. If I don't get healthy after this stuff, I'll be amazed. And bewildered. Of course, coming home and drinking is NOT helping...but I love the wines. The red ones. They take my moneys.

On a completely unrelated side note, yesterday I bought a desk, a chair, and a mirror. If I spent over 3 man (30,000 yen), then I'd get free delivery. The desk and chair were almost there, so I got a mirror, too...since I wanted one anyway. And by wanted, I mean I should have, but I don't necessarily want to be able to see all my body. And by desk, I mean counter that I'm going to use as a desk so I can FINALLY work on my arts well. It's been slow going 'cause this sit-down-desk makes me lazy. I also go the last counter (score!). And they'll all be here on the 23rd between the hours of 6 and 8 in the PM.


  1. Hot Gym is a confusing confusing man!

  2. He is! I want to know what's up. If I got a shot, or not. If I don't, I'll move on. If I do, I'll hang on. Maybe that's the best he can do since it IS against the rules to date members of the gym...when you are a trainer. Maybe that was his weird Japanese hint. If so, he needs to be less hint-y. I only understand the 'NO VA' hints...some of them anyway. Come to my class doesn't seem like a no va hint. Not at all. But is it a hint the OTHER way...or just a 'I want more people in my class and I know she'll come if I ask 'cause she's retarded and thinks I'm not' thing?
    Damn you, social interaction. Damn you.

  3. Hahahah I think you're over thinking things. He's a dude. He wants you.

    He may have some sort of ethical or heady issues that he's dealing with, but deep down, everyone wants you.

    Also, I would have sworn that it said "For those just joining us on this boning quest" Which would also be accurate.


  4. I think you are working off the misconception that I'm attractive. I'm not sure where you got this radical idea, but it's radical! Awesome! Befuddling!

    I think I am over thinking things, but I can't tell. It's against the rules, but apparently he's not Japanese girl's type, so maybe he's desperate...enough?

    haha! I think it's more accurate as the 'no-boning' quest. I haven't boned anything in a long time...


    ...no, it's been a long time.