Saturday, March 13, 2010

You know, I'm kinda happy that kid came to my door all those days ago. It means that now whenever in movies and TV there's a whore/prostitute who tries to sell themselves for about $50, I automatically get first dibs on them being me. I did it last night to Watchmen and it was nice. No more fighting for first whore dibs. None at all.

Also, the period has started, but so far it's just a crap lot of pain and not much blood. I guess it needs to get done ripping all my insides out before the blood comes on too strong. You know, this used to be done while I was sleeping. I liked that way better. Damn you growing older, damn you! Oh well, gonna go exercise and hopefully relieve some of that pain that way.


  1. "Prostitute Dibs Time" HA!

    Uhh, good news on the pain!

  2. I sez what I means. Dibs. $50 or more.

    To make this more awkward ('cause it might as well be), no more pain now, just blood...blood all over the place as long as all over the place means only in specific places.