Thursday, April 29, 2010

I took my blood pressure today at the gym. Pre-exercise was 98/65 with a heart-rate of 78. "Protein and salt is best to bring up your BP" that explains why I've been wanting meat lately. A lot of it. More than I should be eating. Tons of meat. Piles of it.
After workout was 121/85 with a heart-rate of 105 (about 1-2 minutes after finishing). Seems I should be okay. Just meat-i-fied. I think I'm going to go buy meat. Except I'm not. I'm going to cook tofu and garlic and pasta and onions...and be FAT. Alone and fat. Maybe try on an outfit for Saturday. Maybe just be fat.


  1. You're not fat :P Or alone. You're hot <3

    If your body wants meat, eat meat. Usually if your body wants something, it wants it for a reason. I know when I get PMS-ey, my iron levels plummet, so my body wants me to eat everything in sight to get the energy back... when all it really wants is iron. Just keep your ears open & listen to what she's telling you.

    Oh, but be careful with protein & salt, k? Too much will cause kidney damage, so make sure you offset with lots of water.

  2. Whoo!! Thanks! Although last night I ate more than a hippo in heat...I'm not sure what that means other than A LOT. ...'cause I ate a lot.

    That is true. I heard most women crave sweets. I'm glad that someone like you is like me and craves meat during PMS times.

    I will!! Thank you!! I think I don't eat enough salt actually. I don't use it in cooking and never put it on things. So, either I'm striking the perfect balance, or I may need to get a salt lick!