Thursday, April 29, 2010

Life. Does it get more difficult because the more we age the more problems we face? Or is it because we make it more difficult?


  1. Maybe because there's never a 100% right answer for any problem?

    "Drink a glass of wine a day & you'll be healthy!"
    "...wait, no nevermind, if you do that, you might get cancer. We'll have to get back to you."

    "If someone is in trouble, a good person will stop & help them!"
    "... wait, if you stop & help them, you could end up in a viscous legal battle cuz they didn't want help. Probably safer to just leave them there."


    Nothing has a definite yes or no.

  2. I think so too. Probably a bit of both with another thing thrown in.

    ...I thought it was drink a bottle of wine a day...

    haha, just kidding. Kinda.

    Too true. Too true. Although there is one truth: if you are me and you wear a white shirt, that will be the day that school lunch is the most colorful. Just to test my ability to NOT get food all over myself...and stain my shirt (the important part. getting food all over yourself if half the fun of eating)