Wednesday, July 1, 2009


I listened to the Jonas Brothers and TLC all day today.

Something is wrong with me. I blame it on one of the four medications I'm on.

Also, elementary school tomorrow. I hope I get them all sick. With SADs. As in that they become sad, 'cause the SADS aren't fun, yo. They serious. And a band. I've never actually heard them. I just knew they existed.

Jehovah's witnesses at my door. Forgot they was coming. Forgot it was Wednesday. They be comin' next week too. WHY CAN'T I JUST SAY NO TO THEM. WHY??!?!??!?


  1. Don't let those Jehovah's Witnesses push you around!

  2. I'm trying not too!

    I thought I beat them the first time by pretending to not understand Japanese and then they brought the English speaker. It sucked, man. She seems really nice so I feel bad being a jerk to her. They've got me in a nice little web, eh?

    ps: GO CANADA!!