Monday, July 13, 2009


Went to Yanagiu ES today. Couldn't find the teaching plan, so I went in blind. It was okay. It worked out since the teachers there take the lead. Gonna hafta make sure I keep the plan for Nishi Nakada on Wednesday with me. I have to take the lead there. I kinda got stuck at the school for about 30 minutes after school. I did manage to escape and walk back to the Middle school...talked to a few students, and got back in time for about 10 minutes of work. Entered, saw that they were in a meeting and left again. By that time, my work day was over so I walked to the bus stop.
After that, met up with a friend. Gave him a rice cooker and some money. Services rendered, you see. Just kidding, I'm lending him some money since I got some and he don't.
Went to fighting. I had very little energy for it, but I'm glad I went. My friend was amazed by my bruises. She said that they are the worst that she's ever seen. That actually makes me a little happy...except for the fact I got them by FALLING...and not something cool like wrestling a llama.

ugh, Sherry no va. I'm tired, but I highly doubt I'll be able to get to sleep for hours yet. Life's awesome <3

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