Saturday, July 11, 2009


I forgot the date. That makes me sad. I mean, all of it. Year. Month. Day. The day I can live with. Month is a little less understandable, but still okay...ish. The year. What?! That is unacceptable.

Well, I promised a special someone (you know who you are) pictures, and I will deliver tonight. It takes me a while, but I do eventually get things right.

So, yesterday was the choral contest for my school. It was better than I thought it would be. I did my faceplant there. It was good times. I've got monster bruises from it. Me knees and he arms look like I got in a fight...or jumped off a train. It's awesome. I really do bruise SO easy. I need to look into stopping that activity.

After all of that goodness was the Leavers' Party. I only went to the Nijiaki (second party). After that we went to a club. I meet a soldier there. It was great. He said (and I quote, but a little strangely since I'm translating and can't remember 100%...just 99.8%): "I'm not saying you're fat, 'cause you're not, but if you lost just a little bit of weight you'd be dangerous. You have a "genki" face." I'm leaving the genki in there 'cause it makes the sentences that much better. Genki means "vigor, spirit, vitality, heart, bounce, pep." So, basically, I have a happy face but I just liked the use of genki in that sentence. I think he has a girlfriend though.

Anyway, I cleaned today. It was good. Did a little bit of packing. Got some souvenirs. For those of you who don't know I'll be returning to visit my parents for 2 weeks.
Speaking of which, a note to my parents (especially my mommy): I am watching what I eat, so don't take it personally if I eat differently. It's not you, it's me. I love your cooking, but I gotta watch what I ingest. End of note to parents.

On a good note, I have yet to fall today, so either I've broken the streak, or it's just a work thing...and I do have Yanagiu ES on Monday (which I've lost the lesson plan for, so it's going to be awesome). I've fallen in front of 1 years, and 3 years, and the students at Nishi Nakada ES, so I've only got Yanagiu ES and the 2 years to fall in front of and I'll have fallen in front of everyone. They are progressively getting worse and worse so let's hope that I stop before I end up falling down the stairs and breaking myself. Especially because my flights are coming up ('cause it's more than one to get home).

On a side note involving nothing particular: I like this. Now that is a cool Japanese guy right there. I'll translate it and get back to you. This is a good one too.

Okay, only one picture for today:

These guys were hanging around talking in the parking lot that is next to my place. They were talking for hours. It was good. I so totally wanted to join them, but decided that would be weird. Kinda wished I had though. It would have been an awesome story for them to tell their friends. Such of shame I don't have a jazzercise outfit with head and wrist sweatbands. That would have made it that much better. They'd never forget about that weird foreigner. Sometimes I wish I were awesome. I do. I truly do.


  1. That is pretty much the best Tag ever.

    And Yay Picture! (Singular..)

  2. That cool dudes one? Thanks, I worked on it all week. ...okay, I didn't, but I could have.

    More will I take them. I guess I could post my bruises...the one on one arm is a nice shade of green now.