Sunday, July 12, 2009

This Week's Top 10 v.1

Here's a list of the top things that happened this week. Good or bad, they are both on the list. I use a different scale than most. Level of remembrance and hilarity factor are my measuring sticks. Good or bad are too judgmental for me. 10 (least) to 1 (most).

10) (secret)*
9) Getting introduced to about 20 Japanese people, and I don't remember any of them...
8) "I'm a man"(me) "Then what's up with those?"(other, pointing at my boobs) "I'm fat. It happens"(me)
7) Getting a talking to about not talking with the students during the concert when I was attempting to get them to stop talking and laughing. Haha, too bad that I can't actually say that to the other teachers just sit there and take the talking to.
6) Getting a talking to about how Japanese and foreigner's bodies are different...again. They don't like the fact that I'm on a diet and know that I need to lose weight. Foreign I may be, but I know that I'm unhealthy as I am.
5) Choral concert
4) SOUL'd OUT (Diggy-MO' is effing awesome. More awesome that I originally thought. And hot.)
3) Genki face
2) (secret)*
1) Face plant.
0) I gave up bread.**

*secret, so I won't tell.
**special for this week only since I forgot about it 'til now. It's life changing, this is.

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