Sunday, August 30, 2009


Walking tour.
Drinking party.

That describes yesterday (since it's now the 30th) in about as little detail as is possible with still having some details. I think it's a good thing. This whole non-detail detail.

Also, pictures. For Krisbones, as he has legally changed his name too.

HUGE GAIJIN CLUSTER PARTY. There was about 80 in a small-ass restaurant. I'm amazed we all fit with our giant gaijin bums. (gaijin = foreigner...impolitely)

Bra strap. Bought at Claire's and worn for the first time last night. Totally DOESN'T match the bra, but that's cool. I hadn't planned on showing anyone me bra.


  1. Pictures! Whose blog is this, I'm very confused.

    I didn't realize white people dressed like white people there. I assumed they gave everyone a uniform at the gate "You will be Schoolgirl. You will be Dirty Businessman. You will be Schoolgirl Martial Arts Lesbian School." Things like that. Then you all dye each other's hair colors like green and purple.

    Sigh. Foreign countries are so cool in my head.


  2. No, that's the uniforms for work. They like to switch them up occasionally. I've been stuck on dirty businessman for the last month. It's hard work, man. I think they like the naked lady tie I wear around my head.
    We keep our natural hair colors so we stand out. Green and purple would make us blend in too much.