Friday, August 28, 2009


I won today.
I got the kid who wants to touch my body to say 'hello' to me.
I remember when he used to ask for help in class so I'd stay by his side for most of it.
Then he stopped that.
And didn't say 'hello' anymore.
Then his secret came out (his own doing, mind).
Then he still didn't say 'hello.'
Now he did.
My powers of never ending 'hello's has finally paid off.*
Or I'm going to be groped after graduation.
I'm not sure which.
All I know is that there are no picture for this post either - sorry.
That and that it's fun to have one sentence per line.
It fills up the post quicker.
Makes it seem longer.
And more interesting.

Also, Wolverine without half the special effects is still a good movie.
And not just because Hugh Jackman is hot.
And Wolverine is a hot character.
It's both.
And a plot.
And Gambit.

I lied.
There's a picture.

There's two.

*it should be noted that I say hello to everyone and everything. And it should be noted that he was the one who (with his 2 friends) started to talk to me while I was waiting around nervously at the school festival last year (hey, I'd been there for like a week and didn't know anybody. I was nervous and wanted to leave BAD). He started to talk to me and took me to see the concert in the gym. I enjoyed the concert. I do awe him. Just not a body touch. But understanding of pubescent desires. Which I give fully. And without question. Also, one sentence per line broken for footnotes. Footnotes deserve respect too. The respect that only full paragraphs can give.


  1. This post was strangely hypnotic. At first I thought I was going crazy, or that my computer was screwy, turns out it's just you. Hooray!

  2. Nope. That's just my special power. The power of the crazy.