Thursday, August 27, 2009


Mini-date with a student and his friend. He said 'Let's go home together,' I said 'okay,' and we walked. His friend came outta no where and joined us. The first guy told me that I walk to fast and then ordered me to match his pace. I did. I yelled at the 2nd guy to match the pace. He did. Started to turn a corner and some girls came up from behind and said 'oh, should we ask her?' So I OBVIOUSLY stopped...and asked about that. The boys left (yeah!) and I got asked what my bra size is. I told about my American bra size ('cause it's different than Japan) and they told me to go buy a bra in Japan so I know my Japanese size. I might. But not now. It's a lot of work to make the women measure me and touch me goods and outfit me in a cute bra. Not to mention the one I'm wearing today is cute enough for me. I like it.

Also, I emailed people today. It was good times. I enjoyed it! Normally I'm AMAZINGLY slow at it (especially since it's been overtime party lately), and I'm still slow at it, but I did it. And that is the important part.


  1. That story cracks me up. I'm always surprised at how forward some Japanese are. I shouldn't be by now, but I still am.

    Also, I typically use my comments on your blog to complain about the lack of post related pictures... Just saying. hahah

  2. I like the fact that a group of 5 JHS kids basically ordered me to go buy a bra. I think they'll ask again in a week or two to see my progress on that front.
    They do have balls. Until College. I think that is when they get neutered. Seriously. The women are still a little ballsy out of college and in the working sphere when it comes to certain things, but the men lack that certain panache that makes one assume a person has balls. talking to you instead of staring for awhile in a creepy fashion. Or asking those hard hitting questions. Like 'Did you masturbate yesterday?' That's a real quote. Thank you third year boys sitting in the lounge for that. I like it. It adds spice to my days.

    If I could post pictures of my kids, I'd show you who was on my mini-double-date. But I can't. And I know you know how to send emails.

    ...and the bra one could be in the work. I need to get my scanner thing to work with my computer again if a picture is taken. I don't know where my camera cord is...
    Also, post related pictures today! YEAH!!