Monday, August 31, 2009

Dudes. Assuming my calculations are correct, I've lost about 4 inches off my body since 6.11. How crazy is that? I think I did my math wrong, but we'll say I didn't.

Also, typhoon. I'm hoping for a typhoon day tomorrow. Or that that guy I'm "going out with" doesn't message me back because he came to the same conclusion I did - to not continue. I shouldn't, but he makes me feel kinda like a ped. I mean, he's 22, so he's not much younger than me at all, but I still feel like a ped. I mean, say this sentence to yourself and see how you feel: "The person I'm dating is at camp for school."

See. Totally wrong.
He was easy to talk to, but I think we'd make better friends if anything. (I totally want to play his Dragon Quest games)

(And, just so you know, I have the biggest penis in the world. I got told that many times as they were pointing to this one boy. It could be that they just had their English confused, but perhaps they do know my secret. I also got asked by one boy "Can I have sex?" I'm still not sure if he knows what he was saying, and I'm not sure I want to know what he meant to say. When I answered "yes," he asked "why?" I think there was some language problems for this conversation. So...what did you do at work today?)


  1. I love your updates. They make me happy in ways I've never known.

    Also, best tags since the last best tags.

    Also also, the word they're making me type in to post this comment is "mistypro" sounds like a sodapophooker

  2. I'm glad my confusion over simple things brings joy. I really am. I find it kind nice. Annoying too, but with enough humor to make it all okay.

    So...are you a mistypro?

  3. Only on alternating Tuesdays. It takes the dry cleaner that long to clean my Fairy Wings.

  4. Also, you lost four inches, yet the natives still think you have the biggest penis in the world? This seems to be a confusing measuring system to me.

  5. I lost the four inches all over you see. BUT, I gained two inches there and an actual six inches lost from all over. So, doing simple math (6-2) = 4, I got to my results. I can't help that I'm well endowed.

  6. Congrats on losing the inches! Go you!

    Sorry about the boy :( But luckily for you, you're awesome and will find a new one in no time!

  7. You are awesome, though I'd never realized that you were a girl.

    Also, my word today to prove that I'm human?


    As in, "That gaijin in class made me all tentsi.

  8. Thanks! I think I'm going to gain them back though. I ate enough to kill Cambodia last night. (it's true. Cambodia can't eat that much!)

    haha, if I do 'acquire' a new one, I hope this one doesn't want a mommy. I ain't into that.

    She is, isn't she? She really has been rather helpful to me and deserves much pimpage/love/sushi rolls.

    hah! Have you been spying in on my classes? I'm pretty sure that's what the kid in the back said. ...or ARE you that kid?
    I never thought I'd see the day you can't trust people on the internet whom you've never met before.

  9. That's actually 93% of why I'm online, to prove all of the bad things about the internet true.

    And I'm awfully white to pass as anything but irish. Especially with my pretty eyelashes.

  10. I don't know. Maybe if we put a wig on you...

  11. "Only on alternating Tuesdays. It takes the dry cleaner that long to clean my Fairy Wings"