Tuesday, September 1, 2009

It's obnoxiously sunny right now. Obnoxiously so.

Oh well. At least one of my hopes seems to be coming true.


  1. So... no giant waves? Of water or pleasure?

    That's too bad.

    Waitaminute - It's sunny here right now too! Aren't you on the exact opposite side of the planet, as Bugs Bunny would have me believe?

  2. Bugs Bunny might be a republican. Few republicans can be trusted. What do you think? Is Bugs lying to you? It's sunny right now too. Let's think about it.

    (he's lying)

  3. It's like that here too! Too hot for Canada in the fall! *dies*

  4. Bugs bunny always lies, that's why I pay him so much to wear the dress. I believe his lies. I just didn't think it was all movie magic when he digs through the earth. Blast.

    Also, ThatRedFish, un til just now, I'd never put your name and your avatar together, I'd always seen it as some sort of red and white rodent, like a racoon.

  5. Ah, yes. The swimming batrat. It's a rare animal only found in the remote mountains of Russia. It's the leading cause of death right after Vodka, and Elks.
    It's a true fact. The truest fact I've made up all morning.

    It's starting to get cold. I had to bust out my Fall/Winter clothes. Gonna eventually bust out more than my jacket though...eventually. Maybe.