Saturday, December 6, 2008


Today I was with the third years for the morning. It was rather fun. They are cuties. We got to joke around in English - which is always interesting. Did a little joking in Japanese, but not as much since it is English class and whatnot. Got asked if I was a virgin. Just so you know, "cherry girl" does, indeed, mean what you think it does. It took about 30 minutes to get an answer as to what it meant 'cause there are some things you just don't want to ask...just in case you are wrong and you just asked the students 'no sex? sex?' and they take that the wrong way. Seriously though - it's embarrassing to tell the meaning of the word, but it's not embarrassing to ask the question. That's the part that gets me. If they would have just told me what it meant, I would have answered, but I didn't 'cause they didn't. Next time maybe they'll help a foreigner out.
At 1 I left for the ALT meeting. It was pretty good as far as ALT meetings go. After that, kinda hung out and drunk some chuuhai and played some Tekken and soccer. Then it was off to the Christmas party. It was at an Indian restaurant. Very nice. It was delicious and fun. I took no pictures 'cause I didn't have my camera, but it was indeed a nice night. We did a nomi, and had a set menu. After that, a few of us went out to karaoke for about 2 hours. It was bordering on Christmas karaoke, but...well, what the hell, it was Christmas karaoke. Three glasses got broken...that was nomi karaoke. Luckily, this time, I listened to my body, so I stuck to orange juice and today I don't really have a hang-over. Who knows, it might hit me in the middle of the day. All I do know is that I'm going to get dressed and go to the gym, then do other things. The package for my mom is not going to be shipped out today either. I realized at 2 in the morning that I have no tape to tape it shut, so there's no mailing the sucker out. That, and I've yet to find somethings for my aunt and cousins. I think maybe some Matsushima stuff. He is the mascot for this area. And who doesn't love mascots?

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