Friday, December 26, 2008


Another day of not really working. In fact, I’ve written all the entries from the 19th to now at work. I’ve also been messaging my friend for a good portion of the day. But I did make 4 worksheets, yo. I just work quickly…
And, now, it’s time for an announcement…
SNOW!!!! It snowed this morning/last night and lasted until about noon. It’s now 2.14-ish and the snow has mostly melted. But it does give me an in with calling that fellow. He doesn’t like the cold weather. I can ask him how the snow was and if he’s okay and all that other good stuff and ask how his work is going and shit like that. This is assuming I grow the balls to so such a thing. Which may or may not be in the future for me. Or, maybe he’ll call. Probably not though. That’s just not how it’s done here. That, and he may not like me. If that’s the case, then I hope he tells me that. I’m really fine being a friend with this guy. He’s just a really great guy from the little I do know about him. Actually, I know things about him that aren’t the “important” things. I don’t know where he lives, or where his family does. I don’t know if he lives with them, or alone. But I do know that DJing is his dream and that he’s chasing after it, and that is enough for me. I also know he likes nattou, and doesn’t like the cold. I know a few other things, but this is enough for now. Anyone who is catches their dreams is a good person by my standards.
Anyway, apparently we, as in my friend and I, are going to be meeting with that guy who didn’t show up yesterday today…possibly. He called her last night and they spoke in broken Japanese – apparently speaking English wasn’t his main goal for last night. We’ll see how that works out…assuming he even calls.

You know, sometimes I do forget that this isn’t my country. It’s just become so normal that I do, literally, forget that I’m foreign and everybody knows it, and I can never not be foreign here. I can marry a Japanese guy, have kids and all that stuff and still I won’t be Japanese. But, having said that, my teachers do seem surprised when I start speaking in English. It seems to throw them for a loop. Yeah…I ran out of news and I’m still on the clock.
A computer guy came in to fix one of the computers and he was a student of the teacher whose computer was being fixed. The teacher didn’t remember at first, which was pretty interesting. Good for a laugh. Days with no classes are always good for a laugh. Kinda boring, but there IS more to laugh at. …unless it’s an interesting class, in which case classes are interesting.
I just got invited to a drinking party. Whoo-hoo!! Well, it was an invite from an invitee. My keeper asked if I was going, and I asked to what, and then she told me and I got invited. But, it might be cancelled. We don’t know yet. We’ll see how that goes. I may or may not get drunk enough to call that guy with coworkers tonight. Who knows? This is a really boring play-by-play, but I am at work, and I do have an hour left before I make my hasty departure.

Okay, so I went to the drinking party. It was really nice. There were 7 of us - I'm guessing we make up most of the people who are cool in the school. You can tell we're cool by the fact we all hung out and drunk together. At first we went to a Italian/Turkish restaurant and got a couple of pitchers 'cause all the izakaiya's were full. That was pretty nice. We got 4 pizzas split between 7 people. It was delicious pizza. Very delicious. There, they made reservations at an izakaiya. I wore those gay boots again, but my keeper said they were cute so it's all okay to wear gay boots to a drinking party with co-workers. That's Gaijin Rule #4. Remember that one too.
Anyway, we left from there, and that is when I got the balls to call that guy. So, I called him - obviously. Talked about how cold it is, about work, about plans for New Year's Holiday, and things like that. Hopefully I didn't creep him out. If I did...well then, as they say, しょうがない, shou ga nai, there's nothing to do. 'cause it's in the past and time travel is not yet a reality.
We got to the izakaiya and drunk more. Took a taxi home. Slept.

Now, about my friend and that creepy guy...
He called and asked her what she was doing. She told him that she was having dinner, and he kinda invited himself over. She calls me in a panic while I'm waiting for the subway. I ask her if she wants him to come over, and she says I then say that if she changes her mind just leave the apartment before he gets there 'cause he doesn't know what she looks like and stuff like that. She calms down and we get off the phone in no small part due to the fact I was then on the subway about to be taken into a no-bar zone. Later I get a message (after many messages of "is her there?" "are you okay?" "if you need a rescue call, let me know" kind of messages) saying that he couldn't find her place and wants to go drinking with the two of us tomorrow. This guy either lost his nerve or is more retarded than me...which is a rather difficult feat. So, tomorrow I'm going drinking with her and this guy...which is cool with me. I've got no plans, and it should be interesting to say the least. I'll let you know how that goes.

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