Friday, December 26, 2008


I went to the aquarium with two of my students today. I also got 2 hours of sleep, so it probably wasn’t the best times for all of us. They were late meeting me at the Station, but that is okay. We went, we had some fun, we saw some fish and aquatic things. The seal show was rather interesting. I did have a good time, but my mind kept going back to that whole “…but I have to go to the zoo and/or the aquarium with 2 of my students” comment and felt like laughing while crying. Mostly I felt retarded. But, I think I did rather well for only having only 2 hours of sleep, being on my feet all night in gay shoes, and being with two cute little students who get nervous around me and yet don’t. Not to mention there were a lot of really creepy fish. And I kept trying to will that guy to call me. Lack of sleep made it seem like it happened a lot longer ago than just a few hours before. I’m rather retarded in normal life, and then add to that any sort of human relationship and I’m lost. Add to that the fact I like the guy and you have a disaster waiting to happen.
After all that aquarium going and kaki (oyster…I think) eating, I did go to karaoke later that night from about 7.30/7.45. I signed up for 2 hours, but I couldn’t do it. One of the girls asked if I got laid and that didn’t help with me feeling retarded. I was also dog-tired. I had to leave after about an hour – a little less actually. One of the guys came and took my place (he was supposed to come anyway, but the timing was perfect for me to leave and for him to take my place). I went home and slept. 2 all-nighters in 4 days with little recovery sleep doesn’t seem to really be working out for me. I think I went from child to grandma. WHERE’S MY ENERGETIC YOUTH???!?!?!?!

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