Friday, December 26, 2008


Again with the going to work and not having anything to do. I did work up the nerve to ask advice from some of the other teachers (female) about what I should do about this guy, and another one. Basically, they agreed with my friend that I should call him if he doesn’t call me. On Friday, as well. Basically they said to call him and ask how he’s doing and see what’s up with him. Maybe wish him a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year and all that good stuff so that way he gets to know me as a person instead of…well…not knowing me I guess. I’ll see how I feel come the morrow about that one. The other advice was about this guy who I drunkenly gave my number to at some point a while ago. I promptly forgot all about that and he called me later that exact same night asking if I’d like to come to his apartment (or something like that) and I said that I didn’t know the way and I got lost easy and then he said take a taxi and I said I didn’t have enough money for that (‘cause I don’t…didn’t and still don’t) and then added maybe next time in my drunken state. Anyway, that guy messaged me about meeting later that night to speak English or some nonsense like that. I’m fine being a friend of this guy, but it probably won’t happen like that…at least for him. I don’t really remember him, so that’s not a good start for him…or a good thing for me either. But that is neither here nor there since there is a guy I’m interested in out there and I don’t go after more than one at a time…and I say that like I’ve done this crap before. I haven’t. But, I do only go after one at a time. Anyway, the teachers were basically like tell that boy that friendship is okay with friendship only…and then I told them the apartment coming story and they said to just end it ‘cause it ain’t goin’ down like that for him. Friendship not so okay apparently. But, I forwarded the message to my friend, and she wanted to meet him, so I messaged the guy with the details of when and where to meet and all that good stuff. AND then, the Iranian guy I danced with on the 19th messaged me about meeting over the weekend. No guy in America even looks at me, and yet here I have three at one time. I think this might be my supply of men for the rest of my life so I should use care. I’m already using caution, so care is next on the list.
So, my friend and I waited in the food court at the MALL for this guy for about 30-45 minutes and he doesn’t show. I can’t remember what he looks like and my friend hasn’t ever met him so she doesn’t know. Part of me was kinda hoping that he saw us, thought “fuck no,” and walked away. Turns out he was at work still. Yeah, I called, and then messaged him when he didn’t pick up ‘cause we were waiting for a while and my friend was hungry and I was a little hungry. Once we realized he’d be a while, if he came at all, then we got some stuff to eat, did a little shopping, went to the Book-OFF and went and played some PS2 at my apartment. He didn’t show. It became after 9 and we said no to meeting him, but my friend took my phone and gave him her number ‘cause she wants to get laid bad. Apparently we’ll be meeting with him tomorrow.

Ps: Happy Christmas!!!!
They eat chicken here for Christmas. The KFC in the MALL was packed.

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