Friday, December 26, 2008


Went to work. Didn’t really do much. I cleaned my desk for two hours…and “studied” for three. He didn’t call. But, I’m slowly getting my hopes down and dealing with the fact that I effed up royally with him and should find other places to put my interest. And then I remember that he did say he’d be busy, and that it’s during the week and my friend reminds me of this stuff as well so the hopes go up and down, but I’m trying to squish them before they get out of hand. My friend gave me the advice to call him if he doesn’t call me before 5 on Friday. I don’t know how I feel about this advice. I don’t want to take it. I’m bad on the phone as it is, add to that the feelings I’m squishing, and then add all Japanese all the time fun and it gets like a linguistic version of a Tarantino movie. And to make things less nice, my period still hasn’t started. It needs to hurry up with that.
I had dinner with a couple of friends tonight. We went over to Matt’s house and Caye made some pasta. I brought the bread. My friend got wine. The other girl bought other ingredients. It was a mini Christmas dinner since both Matt and Caye were going to go to Tokyo on the 11-something bus. It was delicious and fun.

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