Saturday, December 6, 2008


This morning, after writing the blog, I did go to the gym. It was nice. Afterward, I walked to Sendai Station and bought some tape. Then I got the idea to get some stamps - specifically cherry ones - to use on papers done by students. It was a pretty nice time. Then I came back to Nagamachi Minami and met up with one of the JTE's to discuss the classes. Come Monday I'll be doing a class on Christmas with 1-7. That should be fun.
Once we parted, I met suddenly with Jenn and we went to the ¥100 shop and got some goods. Then met up with Kristen to get stuff for making tonkatsu, purchased said goods and then headed off to the Book-Off/Tsutaya to rent some movies. It started to snow. It was amazing! It was the fluffy large ones that are wet. It didn't snow for long, but it did snow a little.
Movie night was nice. It is rather cold in my apartment, but that is to be expected. Tomorrow I'll study with Jeremy unless something comes up.

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