Wednesday, January 28, 2009


I ate whale today. It was good. It was in some ketchup-based sauce. De-lici-ous. Absolutely delicious. It tasted like chicken. Just a bit tougher. Like the tough parts of a chicken.
Oh yeah. Enjoy classes today. Went to a meeting in the afternoon. Helped people transfer money to home accounts. Then went out with them. Had a Sea Breeze for the first time in my life. It was pretty good. Pink as heck though. Well, assuming heck is really really really really pink, that is. Had a couple of beers. Had some spicy chicken stuff. Got texted by some really really really really strange guy.
Let me set this up for you...and tell you that I'm 99% sure I don't know who he actually is.
1) his message to me: "Don't send such perverted pictures. They make me want to masturbate" That was the message, and I knew that I didn't know him from then 'cause I've NEVER sent ANYONE any perverted pictures. Ever. Except to that one guy, but that really doesn't count since it was my friend knockers that were covered.
2) my message to him: "I think you have the wrong number. Who are you?"
3) his message: "I didn't make a mistake. Don't you know me? I am that bad? I'm from Akita, and my name is ------."
4) my message:

HOLY HELL, his last message before the one he just sent was "Don't you want to see my penis?" (let it be known that I haven't responded at all after the one that I was sure would end it...well two actually; the first being "Yes, it's no good. Sorry" (with sorry in English), and "(It's no good) because I don't know you" (which was evident after he asked me who I was...) BUT, he just sent me a message with an attachment. I don't think I've been more creeped out in a while. In a good long while. I think I'm going to hide under my sheets now and turn that traitorous phone off.

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