Monday, June 1, 2009


I don't know what Japan has done to me, but I'm not sure I like it. This time I am referring to the fact that I used to rarely get sick at all, and now I get sick every couple of months. It plentiful amounts. I felt nauseous all of today. I'm not going to fighting because of it.
And, tomorrow I have a scheduling meeting with Nishinakada Elementary School. I'm not looking forward to it. Maybe I can make them hurry up...? Well see. If I'm feeling better tomorrow, I'll head to the gym then. If not...well poopie. We'll see...we'll see...


  1. Are you getting enough sleep? Are you over-stressed?

  2. I think my sleep goes from not enough to too much.

    And, apparently I am. I've been wanting to drink OJ, and apparently wanting Vitamin C is a sign you're stressed...

  3. Don't be stressed! *rubs shoulders*

  4. Thank you!! I went to the gym and that seems to have helped!