Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Had elementary school again today. This time at Yanagiu. I go there again on Thursday...I think. I'm pretty sure I do. I have to make a crap-ton of business card like things for it. That kinda sucks 'cause I haven't done any of them. Okay, I've done about 10, but that's not enough for even one class. I gotsta get to work on that.

I finished-ish on picture for MoD. The Lara one. The other two are in varying states of not-done-ness.

This week seems to be turning out to be an experiment week...'how long can 雪莉 (that's me) survive on less that 5 hours of sleep and still be okay with elementary school students and outwit 13-15 year old boys without falling over from lack of neural stimulus' is the experiment I think. It's now past 10, and I ain't gonna be goin' to bed for awhile. I was doggedly tired this afternoon, but now I'm wired. And, no, I didn't just drink coffee. The last drink I had was a vodka coke about 2 hours ago.

My sticking plaster smells like peanut butter. I haven't eaten peanut cream (since they have no peanut butter here except in foreign goods stores) in probably over a month. I had it last with school lunch...whenever that was. Weird, eh? I wonder what's up with that. Maybe it's a sign that I should take it off...Naw. That ain't gonna fly wit' me. It's staying...until it or my finger falls off. Whichever happens first.

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