Monday, June 29, 2009


Oh wow. Just took my temperature and I gots a fever by Japanese standards, but I'm going into work. Don't wanna go to the hospital even though I probably should...dang it summer cold! Dang it!!


  1. Just curious, what is a temperature by Japanese Standards?

  2. Around 37C is enough to let you go home.
    At 38C they get really worried.

    I know where I went to school, you had to have a temperature of 101F (about 38.3C) to go home. Under that, and it was iffy.

    I had a temperature of 36.8C and they basically made me go to the doctor.

  3. I suppose that's why Japanese people live longer then North Americans... they don't wait too long before taking a break lol

    101F is pretty high! I thougth anything over 99 was grounds to be ill?

  4. I think it is. I think 99 is a mild fever or something like that. I just know that the nurses were always like 'well, it's not 101, so you're okay!' and whatnot.