Friday, June 26, 2009

The results are in...

Apparently lack of sleep + elementary school + weakened immune system from traveling results in me getting REALLY EFFING SICK. We know that now body, let's not do this again.
Today, I attempted to take byoukyuu, sick leave. Whether it turned into sick leave or into vacation times I'm not sure...'cause I didn't go into school because I am sick. I spent most of my day at home. I have little in the way of stores of food at my place except for pasta and rice, so I did have to leave to get food. I attempted to make a beef stew thing which didn't turn out at all like that 'cause they don't have the right kind of meat and I gave up 'cause I didn't feel like making it. I did end up making a soup like thing, so it was good times. Passed out a couple of times. That was fun too. Took a bath with a "Full Alchemist"-whatever fizzy ball. That was good times too. The character toy in it watched me bath. It's cool; he's my homie. These fever patch things are great. I wonder if I can stick them in the freezer? I'm going to go try that.

Thank goodness for spell check <3


  1. Thank you!

    Apparently I have a worrisome fever by Japanese standards. It's at 38.1C, which isn't actually enough to get me sent home from school in America. Americans like to let their kids suffer apparently...SO LET'S SUFFER WITH STYLE AND FLAIR!