Thursday, May 20, 2010

Haha, got dizzy walking to the bus stop today. Totally took the day off. Now I can work on the comic and take it easy. Passing out in class isn't a good idea...despite it being a secret goal of mine for a few weeks...

Next week will be extra bad. I have elementary school almost every day. And plans almost everyday as well.

On another note, I need to get into the gym. I haven't been all week...and shalnt go today...and not just 'cause I got dizzy this morning. The gym is closed. It's the 20th.

On another another note, payday is tomorrow. That's a good thing. I got 84¥ on me. Whoo! Buying new clothes has taken me moneys. Gotta send home another box of overly large clothes home. I hope that my cousins can wear them or use them...or that someone can. Gonna bust out my summer clothes soon. Then we'll see how many of those actually fit...and see if my boxing will be more. My mailing? I'm not sure which noun is more appropriate to turn into a verb for this. Since I'm not using appropriate words, either way should be fine. Pick your favorite and go with it.

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