Monday, May 24, 2010

I disgusted myself yesterday...with myself. Bad times.
Which is creating more stress that I put on myself for no reason. Also bad times.

...I need to get to the gym to work out my stress. I need to look into some actual boxing classes. Not that I have the money for it. I've been buying too many clothes and wine lately. Nothing for a bit, though. That's what happens when you run low on money. I feel bad 'cause I should be able to save more. I would like to buy a pair of shorts to go out in. That's the other thing. Work clothes - not so much bought. Going out clothes - pretty much it. I can't really wear the going out clothes to's not that they are 'sexy,' so much as they are too casual...and not appropriate at all for work. Oh well. I have enough clothes for work. Going out - not so much. Which is why I want a pair of shorts. Maybe I can get some shortly. And no more wine. I don't need it. I just want it.

I actually find myself rather pathetic.

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