Saturday, May 15, 2010

On Tuesday, I went to elementary school.
This is a conversation that took place...

S (Student - male): Sherry, I heard you have a boyfriend.
M (Me...Sherry): No, I have no boyfriend.
S: But I heard you did...
M: No. I don't.
S: ...but, you do.
M: No. No, I don't.
S: Well, if you 'dieted,' you'd get one.
M: Right now I'm taking fighting. Wanna go?
S:'s scary. But, if you 'dieted,' you'd get a boyfriend.
M: ...ok.
S: Bye!
M: See ya later, kid.

hoho, kids are so cute...and I got told by a 12 year old to lose weight. That's just pathetic.


  1. Yeah, but aren't 12 year olds over there 2 feet tall, 63 pounds and 73% head? Or is that the age where they grow to fit into their cyber-undies?

  2. For girls, it's 13. For boys, it's 40.

    Strange land. Strange indeed.

    ...not that the guys wear undies and what not...

  3. No undies? How do they answer intrusive questions about underpants? And Wedgies? Won't someone think of the wedgies?!?!

  4. No wedges. They "kancho." They hold their hands like they are making a gun, get behind the person in question and shove their fingers into the victims bum.