Thursday, May 6, 2010

The gym was amazing today! It is actually great to be back! I think the secret is classes. Just going to work out isn't so much fun if there's no friends around. Well, that and not being on the first days of a period also help. Those are the worst. But, now that is almost over and I'm enjoying the gym. It made me feel pretty good about myself and I sweated like a pig...well, like a pig would probably sweat if pigs did indeed sweat.

Also, I got invited to go to a baseball game with some coworkers! That should be AWESOME! Whoo!!! I'm so excited!! Got asked by the hot lunch man. Score.

Think I'm going to walk to school tomorrow. That should be fun. I have elementary school, so I'm allowed to be later than normal. Quite a bit later. Whoo!! Gonna walk to school and probably not be awesome there!

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