Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Today is photo-heavy

So, needless to say, this post goes out to Krisbones. I expect full attention when he returns to the land of the internet.

Today, I went for a walk. Why? Because the weather is beautiful...and the gym is closed...mostly that second. Also, I wanted to check out the northside of my southside area. Got it? Good.

That's the closest train line...the north side of it and some apartments. The closest train station is about a 30 minute walk away from my apartment. That's a pretty leisurely walk, mind.

The circus is in town! For real. The bendy-people circus.

More north side.

Even more north side.

Organic foods store. At least I think. I didn't go. It was on the opposite side of the road...

A Rastafarian-like store. I got a bracelet and ring there (photos later).

In case you were wondering. Tokyo is pretty far...

Safety first, kids. Safety for you.

The wall says SEX and something else that I couldn't make out.

3 "dresses" I bought. Only one is long enough/non-see-thru enough to be a dress. That white one is really weird...

The bag of goods from the Rastafarian-like store.

The ring and bracelet. Don't mind the burn on my hand from cooking. I admit that I cooked a little too intoxicated...and got burned twice doing it. Live and learn.

On a final note, I met a Japanese man who speaks with a Jamaican accent. Good times. Good times.


  1. Holy awesomepants-a-rama!

    You shame my recent post with no pictures! Very interesting to see pictures of your habitat, especially since I picture most of Japan as being very "Big city" looking, with tall buildings and that lady from Blade Runner on a billboard eating... whatever that is.

    A few notes.

    The circus! Hooray!

    Safety For Me? What kind of safety is that?? Guns? Midgets with guns? Condoms? Midget Condoms for guns? and why is it leakind some brown stuff from part of it? That doesn't look safe. Yet it claims It's for me!

    That ring is almost as awesome as it's wearer, who sadly, is not wearing one of the see-through dresses they bought. (Looks around) What?


  2. WHoo!! Don't expect many more for a while...I'm not good at this kinda thing. Although I'd like to be. Where I'm at, it's not so big. The city center is obviously pretty big. Not as 'bad' as Tokyo, but still pretty large and building-ey.

    Whoo!! Tickets too expensive for me to go! I figure if I can spend less than ¥500 a day, I can make it to next pay day without fear! I think I can do it!! I made it through today spending no money...but tomorrow I will...

    I wish they were midget condoms for guns! but they are only condoms. Right outside a hotel too...and an apartment building.

    I do believe that ring is more awesome than the wearer. It has 3 prong-jewels! As does the bracelet.
    haha, well, you can kinda see through my shirt in that post. Does that help?