Sunday, May 16, 2010

I went to this site here, and put in my digits. Turns out, by their standards, I'm at my ideal weight. In fact, if I lose 1 more kilo, I'd be underweight. I cannot believe that. I simply cannot. This 'rotund' and yet ideal? I think that they lie. I will celebrate this in a manner befitting such an event...weight training and hot classes...and fighting! TO THE GYM!! Tomorrow. No gyming today. None. I laid about all day. It was good. Very good. Except not. I was sick to my stomach...too much cheap wine last night. Too much. Gotta stop the drinking...but it's a coping mechanism. I'M COPING WITH SOMETHING. I DON'T KNOW WHAT, BUT I AM. Although I do need to cut it out. I don't want a wine belly.

Now, it's ideal, but is it healthy? I need to check to see how much body fat I 2 weeks. MONTH END HEALTH CHECK!!

...I may need new hobbies. Not that I've been doing any of my hobbies lately...except for gyming and Zelda-ing. In Japan, listening to music counts as a hobby. Was it always like that? even in non-mecha countries?

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