Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Sometimes I am reminded of the humor that life can sometimes present. One of the female teachers has a sweatshirt on that says “Beach Line. The 70’s style reminds me of my boyhood on the beach”. It’s a good sweatshirt; good one indeed. It sums up my feelings of the 70’s rather well; rather well indeed.
My back is horrendously sore today. But that’s okay; boxercise is tomorrow, and that should work out the kinks. Or kill me. Either, or. Perhaps both if it’s a hard enough lesson. Probably not that last one though.
I went with my keeper to the bank today. It was an enjoyable thing. She ‘helped’ me study kanji. I said, “Why am I so dumb?” She replied with, “It’s because you are American, and not Japanese.” It wasn’t meant like that, but I thought it was pretty darn good. She was talking about the kanji, but taken out of context that is an awesome statement.

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