Monday, March 23, 2009


Today was the last day of classes for this year. It kinda rocked, although it will be sad to see all the classes broken up and split into new ones. I had just gotten the hang of some of them...we had bonded as a class, and had jokes, and what not. Now, it'll all be had to made again from scratch. AND, that means that I go back to having nothing to do all day long except study, and (if I have my computer) do computery things. Went to three classes today. They were fun. I think I had more fun than learning/teaching, but it's okay 'cause I got stabbed.

...with a pencil in my hand. It was my fault 'cause I tried to grab a student (as in save) before they fell out of their seat, but instead, I just got stabbed in the hand. Which is cool and all...just a little...stabby. I also got tickle-attacked. I love the students, I do. Even though they may be out to get me one day...

Also talked to some of the boys (first) about who they like 'cause it somehow got to that subject (I was stabbed during this altercation...because it might as well be one with how they were acting). Needless to say, they asked "Do you have a boyfriend?" which was answered by "No." Which, amazingly enough lead to "Even though your so beautiful," to which I laughed my posterior off at for a good minute. I don't think they understood that it was the statement that made me laugh, and not the boy...'cause the one sitting behind him said 'don't mind.' Poor boy. Oh well, I know who he likes now. I wield the power. ...okay, I wield nothing other than a little bit of lead in my palm. It was a good talk. About three fights almost broke out when they were telling me about it, since, obviously, no one wants others to know about that sort of thing unless they are dating, or they don't care. Either way, it was an awesome class.

Now, I am going to go to boxercise tonight. I am. If I don't, I want all of you to send me nasty emails calling me names like 'Fattie,' 'Jumbo-chan,' 'Rolls McGie,' and whatever else you fancy. Heck, you can do it anyway if you'd like. I'm not particular.



    I hope your hand is doing ok... I'm assuming that the stab isn't terrible if you can still blog and go to boxercise? lol

    Anyway, I'm happy that you had fun and I hope you have an awesome break from school~ XD

  2. Naw, it wasn't a bad stabbing. Just a little one.

    It's not so much a break, as less work...but I like the work, so it makes me sad to have the break.